13 December 2013

This 'n' That

I'm available for ghostwriting. I know how to cite sources.
Photo: Wikimedia
Everybody knows that a megachurch's best bet for making a scandalous controversy disappear is to address the issue in a brief, vague statement that is posted in an obscure corner of your church website. And for those who did not know this, well, you learn new techniques everyday. This statement should blame all 'citation errors' on the megapastor's ghostwriter and/or the 'research assistant'. This absolves the megapastor of all responsibility for said errors, even though he has placed his name on the publication as the sole author.

Here is what all of this comes down to, though. No, Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll have not handled this situation as many think they should have. But let me ask you this: Does this surprise you? If it does, I can only assume that you are completely unfamiliar with the force that is Mark Driscoll. If it does not surprise you, then why are so many Christians in such a tizzy? Is it really helpful for one to get all riled up over such a thing? I would argue that it is not.

Instead, may we as Christians keep our focus upon Jesus Christ. May we call out error and sin with firmness and integrity. May we not let our proclamation of the gospel be marred by a sinful heart. May we not give the appearance that such a small thing as the latest Driscoll debacle has stolen the joy that is ours in Christ Jesus. And at this season above all seasons, let us not dwell upon men, but upon the grace, mercy and goodness of our Lord, who humbled Himself to leave Heaven and come to this earth to live among men and to die for those who are His. Let us fix our eyes on this God-man, Jesus.

With that, even though it's a busy time of year, I hope you'll find a few minutes to grab a Christmas cookie and try not to get crumbs in your keyboard while you enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • I'm going to bypass all of the blog chatter about the Driscoll/Mefferd debacle and just share this interview that Slate reporter Ruth Graham did with Janet Mefferd. I hope that those who ignored the thrust of the post, 'Of Mefferd and Driscoll and Integrity' will note the following from the interview: "Mefferd says that 'no attorneys were involved in this situation' and that no one at Mars Hill Church, where Driscoll is pastor, suggested she remove the materials."
  • Another megachurch pastor has committed suicide.
  • Well, I'm sure the pro-homosexuals are hating this story right now.
  • Elizabeth Prata shares some difficult thoughts about Billy Graham.
  • Speaking of Elizabeth, she gets the credit for finding your weekly dose of adorable.
  • These also look delicious, and they're seemingly allergen-free, which ought to make all my health-nut, gluten-free readers happy.
  • The Christian Post seems to think that an atheist became 'a believer' after receiving $100 from a stranger. The question is: a believer in what? I don't know what's more disheartening, this story or the slew of ecstatic comments below it.
  • Paula White wants you to learn about the power of words.
  • I have Evernote, but I have yet to actually use it. Tim Challies may have convinced me to give it a sporting chance.
  • They should bring these back.
  • Who is this man that even the banks and the mortgage lenders obey him? Answer: a false teacher.
  • There was a bit of a dust-up this week concerning Michael Brown and a claim that John MacArthur was scheduled to appear on his radio show. Here's Phil Johnson's statement on the matter.
  • Did Apollos write Hebrews?
  • I am really not sure how I feel about this.
  • But I know exactly how I feel about this.
  • Whew! I feel so much safer now! You just can't trust those sock monkeys.
  • Some people's Christmas pet peeve is hearing 'Happy Holidays.' This is mine.
  • Good Kindle price on Dr. James White's Scripture Alone (note, this already has increased by 50¢ since I first bookmarked the link, so buy it quickly).
  • Here's the link to the debate between Dr. James White and Chris Pinto on the topic, 'Is Codex Sinaiticus a Modern Forgery?'
  • A true apostle was a witness of the risen Christ.
  • If you've ever been faced with—and perhaps confused by—the argument that Christmas trees are a pagan symbol and Christians ought not have one, you may find this article helpful. 
  • I have a love-hate relationship with the many stairs of Pepperdine University.
  • Oh my, this breaks my heart.
  • Because it just wouldn't be right if I didn't include a link to a Carl Trueman post.
  • Martyn Lloyd-Jones in a 1970 interview discussing the nature of man:


  1. Mefferd should do a story on MacArthur and his ghost writer Phil Johnson.

    1. Compiling sermons that were already written and preached by Pastor MacArthur into books is not exactly the same thing, Anonymous.

    2. Anonymous,

      Can I conclude from your other submitted comment that you have some sort of axe to grind? If so, I suggest you do it elsewhere. And if you're going to attempt to do it here, at least have the nerve to provide a name and not post your comments anonymously.
      The point with Driscoll (at least in this particular post) is not the ghostwriting, but the fact that the 'research assistant' was thrown under the bus when documentation seems to prove that the research assistant provided all of the necessary information to properly cite the sources.

    3. On the issue of pancakes I have to disagree with using any mix. 1 cup of flour baking powder ( i think about 1/2 tsp), 1Tbsp sugar salt and 1 cup of milk with one egg beaten in.

      Now with butter milk ( sour cream thinned with a little milk) instead of regular milk, use 1/2 tsp baking soda instead.

  2. Thanks once again for a good and interesting list.

    The face cones reminded me of the Plague Doctor beaks like in Defoe's book Journal of the Plague Year. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Plague_doctors%27_beak_shaped_mask.png

    Thanks for linking to the essay about universalism and Billy Graham.

    I thought the monkey tasting snowflakes was adorable and I even really hate monkeys. Thanks for using it

    I hadn't seen the Trueman post. Once again Mr Trueman nailed it brilliantly.

    Though I love pancakes, I can never seem to make an edible one. This is to my everlasting regret. The photos of well made and tasty looking ones in your link buffer my disappointment a bit.

    Happy weekend!

    1. Elizabeth, for simple and delicious pancakes all you need is Bisquick, milk and eggs. Trust me, even you could make an edible one! :-)

  3. Glad to hear the news re: Mefferd's end of the situation.
    Driscoll still is not Biblically qualified to pastor a church.
    Billy Graham - very sad things to consider there.
    Carl Trueman - made an excellent point about unaccountable leadership and how the "top men" seem to handle things.
    Gluten free - I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but for some it is an absolute necessity, due to a devastating medical condition (autoimmune) known as Celiac disease.


    1. Hi Carolyn,
      Yes, I'm quite aware of Celiac—I have family members who have been diagnosed with the disease. I myself have other food allergies that prevent me from eating things such as soy and dairy. So my comment was hardly meant as an unkind jab.

    2. Hi Erin,

      Honestly I wasn't sure what you meant by your comment; the challenge of online communication. I wasn't sure if you thought GF was a food fad (of which there are plenty), or if you knew it was a medical necessity for some. Please forgive me for offending you, it was not my intent.

      Sorry to hear you have family members with Celiac and that you yourself have other food allergies; they can certainly make life very challenging for those diagnosed. Yet in spite of these challenges, God always provides, He has such tender mercies. And of course, our resurrected bodies are something to certainly look forward to... free from sin, and free from the ailments of this fallen world.

      I truly do appreciate that you have posted some good GF recipes. I'm always on the lookout for good recipes for the people I love who have food allergies or medical conditions, to help make their life more enjoyable.

      Though yes there are certainly some 'health nuts' who are obsessed with what they eat, to the point of idolatry.


    3. No offense taken, Carolyn! I'm sorry my comment was unclear to the point of being misunderstood. :( Yes, food sensitivities can be difficult, but as you say, God always provides! And yes, what a great motivation and just one more reason to look forward to those perfect, glorified bodies. :) Can't wait!

    4. Love it, Erin, seeing the grace of God working through in our communication. :)

      One of my biggest joys - thinking of ALL of God's born again children, together, with our King of Love, forever, with no sin, no more sufferings, in total face to face fellowship with one another and with Christ. I'm with you, Can't Wait!



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