03 December 2013

Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly

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The Word of God is a spring of living water, a deep mine of costly treasure, a table with all sorts of food, and a garden with a variety of pleasant fruits. It contains the church's charter with all of her privileges. It has precepts for the Christian's reformation, and precious promises for her consolation. If the saint is afflicted, it can hold his head above water and keep him from sinking when the billows go over his soul. There are cordials rich enough to revive the most fainting spirit. If the saint is assaulted, the Word is his armor. If the soul is unholy, the Word can sanctify it. This water can wash out all the spots and stains. If the soul is an heir of hell, this Word can save it. This Word is deposited as a special treasure into the hands of the children of men, that they might obey God's will and know the Just One.

It is our duty to search and study this Book. It is a mercy that the tree of knowledge, the Word of God, is not a forbidden, but a commanded fruit. It grows in the very path to the tree of life. If you are a child of Adam, you have a deadly wound by neglecting the Word. You are like a frantic patient that throws away the only medicine that will give a cure. The Scripture is the word of Christ, and God commands your allegiance to hear him. The Word is the cabinet in which your Savior, that pearl of infinite price, is found; and therefore you are commanded to look into it (John 5:39). You should search as a covetous man does for silver. If you are a child of God I do not doubt that you delight to look into your heavenly Father's will, and weigh every word in it, knowing that it is a great legacy bequeathed to you. It is your daily companion and counselor; you dare not go without this cordial, being liable every day to faint; nor be without this weapon, being called every hour to fight.

– George Swinnock, as quoted in Voices from the Past, ed. Richard Rushing, (Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2009).

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