31 December 2013

For the Sake of Our Salvation

John Calvin
The gospel illumines us by bearing witness to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the lively image of God his Father. God in himself is invisible, but for the sake of our salvation he presents himself to us in the face of his only-begotten Son. In him, in fullest measure, is all our righteousness, wisdom, power and holiness. How can we discover God's light unless he brings it close to us? We have no wings to fly above the sky. Christ, however, who is the Father's image, is also the Father's brightness, and we are led by him to salvation. In the same way all our strength is said to reside in God. Without him we can do nothing; with him we can do everything. How, then do we become strong? Only as Christ imparts strength to us. It is the same with righteousness and holiness. We are defiled and corrupt, abhorrent to God and utterly worldly, until our Lord Jesus Christ becomes our sanctification and purges our stains by his blood. Christ illumines us when, through the testimony of the gospel, we know him as he is, and as the Father has given him to us.

– John Calvin, "The Light of the Nations," in Songs of the Nativity: Selected Sermons on Luke 1 & 2, trans. Robert White, (The Banner of Truth Trust: 2008), 174.

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