08 November 2013

This 'n' That

I am of the opinion that the best sermons are those that are easily illustrated by the use of cheesy 80s songs. Let's face it, your congregation is far more likely to remember a sermon series entitled 'Don't Walk Like an Egyptian' than they are an untitled sermon series that's simply based on those same boring books of the Bible. Don't you agree?

No, that's not me.
One of my morning runs this week reminded me of this fact. A lot of thoughts pass through my mind as I embark on my usual few miles through the local streets. And on one particular day this week, I found myself running against a rather strong wind. Yes, Bob Seger fans know where I'm going with this. It's okay, I'll give you a moment to hum the song silently to yourself.

Done? Okay. Any pastors who may be reading can use this idea free of charge. Just think of the sermon title: 'Does life have you running against the wind? Jesus is wind resistant.' The proof text for the sermon would obviously be Mark 4:39. And Seger's song is catchy enough that any third-rate praise band ought to be able to cover it at least moderately well.

I've made a similar suggestion in the past using Matthew Wilder's 'Break My Stride' and I think the 'Against the Wind' sermon series would be just as successful. I just hope Rick Warren or Perry Noble don't steal these ideas before I have a chance to market them. While I work on that, why don't you take a few moments to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Amid the stirring controversy of the Strange Fire conference, a few busybodies spent time traveling from blog to blog trying to discredit John MacArthur simply because they disagreed with his view of the mark of the beast. Such folks even showed up here at DNBS. Grace to You has, I think, adequately responded to the matter.
  • The sad truth is that this letter most likely resonates with far more people than we realize. 
  • The Gospel Coalition seems to think that there are many rich resources available to women for Bible study these days. Based upon my experience and conversations, I'd say they may be a bit out of touch (or have a different definition of 'rich' than do I).
  • It's amazing what you can stumble onto on the Internet. For instance, did you know there's a 'wikihow' page to help guide you into knowing whether or not you want to be a pastor?
  • The bad news is that the Packers lost to the Bears. The terrible news is that Aaron Rodgers was injured along the way. The good (using the term loosely) news is that Rodgers' fractured clavicle shouldn't take him out for the rest of the season. Now if I can only muster up some faith in backup QB Seneca Wallace. . . 
  • James Duncan examines Steven Furtick's 'spontaneous baptism' formula. And FYI, Furtick isn't the only one who employs this manipulative gimmick. James MacDonald recites the same script every time he executes one of his mass 'spontaneous' baptisms at Harvest Bible Chapel.
  • And speaking of Steven Furtick, here's the latest from that investigative report.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable. (Okay, it's more humorous than adorable, but I think you'll like it. HT to reader Rick for finding this!)
  • I can't imagine I'm the only one whose Twitter and Facebook feed are filled with Christians outraged and complaining about the latest government shenanigans. If that's you, and even if it's not, you'll benefit greatly from listening to Pastor Don Green's latest sermon, 'The Christian Perspective on Government'. 
  • Let's file this under The Results of Bad Hermeneutics.
  • Examining those alleged Muslim dreams and visions of Jesus.
  • Hurry up and send for your Rod Parsley prayer cloth today! He and Reinhard Bonnke will be praying over them on Sunday so they can send you the anointing. This is "the key to your physical healing, financial breakthrough, a loved one’s salvation, and supernatural blessing!" Look, God Himself gave Parsley his "three-tiered" plan for this shebang, so you know it's legit. Don't delay, sow your seed of faith today!
  • Meet Marvel Comic's newest superhero. 
  • Carl Trueman commenting as only Carl Trueman can.
  • Justin Peters on 'The Devilish Puppet Master of the Word-Faith Movement':
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  1. "The sad truth is that this letter most likely resonates with far more people than we realize. "

    I had the same experience as Buffy when my old Baptist when Rick Warren on me. As when I brought up my objections I was threatened by the pastor I would be written off. (at lest I was not thrown under the bus)
    My solution was to return to my Anglican and liturgical roots at St Matthews Anglican Church in Portland, a church that within Anglican Church in North America, (we left the Episcopal Church in 2008) The Reformed Episcopal Church branch of the ACNA or Confessional Lutheran Church works to.

  2. Cheesy 80s Rapture song: "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"

  3. More 80s sermons:
    Whitney Houston "Greatest love of all" self esteem
    George Michael " (ooh I gotta have) faith" Prosperity
    Johnny hates Jazz "shattered dreams" restoring personal vision/ recovering from life's disappointments
    Bobby McFerrin "don't worry, be happy" positive thinking

    Can I claim copyright if a preacher actually follows these (mock) suggestions?!!!

    1. Elizabeth and Christine, you've both made me LOL. And you know, it wouldn't take much iMovie magic to set Osteen's preaching to Bobby McFerrin. . .

    2. Whoever runs Joel Osteen's Twitter account just made my point for me here.

  4. I cringe, but, adding to the 80s sermon possibilities:

    "The future's so bright I gotta wear shades"... (Timbuk3)

    Sorry, everyone.


  5. Read the "Buffy" letter too - sadly, my husband and I have been through this far too many times. These false teachers (Warren Hybels etc) have pervaded nearly every church it seems. Buffy's situation is, as you said Erin, resonating with far more people than we realize.



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