15 November 2013

This 'n' That

As I pondered what to write for this post this morning, it occurred to me that the options floating around in my head all shared one common theme: complaint. Grumbling, murmuring, whining, bellyaching. So many words, all the same sin. Okay, so what if the 'handy man' (using the term loosely) who was at my house yesterday was a total jerk? So what if he claimed to be a Christian only five minutes after cussing and blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ? Can I find anything praiseworthy in that? Yes—before he left the house, he had heard the Gospel. Or rather, the Gospel had been shared in his presence. Whether his arrogant ears were opened long enough to actually hear it or not is dependent upon the work of the Holy Spirit.

It is easy to complain and gripe about the inconveniences of one's situation. It is even easier, and perhaps a bit more justifiable, to lament the propagation of error in the name of Christ that is so prevalent in today's world. Ultimately, however, the Christian must return to the words and promises of Christ. This world will get worse and worse. No matter what the dominionists or the politicians tell you, it is not in the plan for this passing world to once again reflect the conditions of Eden. At least, not at the hands of men. One day this world will be destroyed, not because of those water bottles you forgot to recycle, but because of God's judgment (2 Peter 3:10) and a new heavens and a new earth "in which righteousness dwells" will come (2 Peter 3:13). Oh, and that is why the Christian rejoices that this world is not his home, and that is why the one who loves Christ looks forward with joy and anticipation toward eternity. The one who hates his sin looks forward to that day when there will no longer be any sin, and the one who despises the darkness cannot wait for that day when every hour is illuminated by the light of the Son.

With those thoughts in mind, push aside your gripes of the week and take a few moments to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Are we really having this conversation? Evangelical egalitarianism surely is on the rise. Never mind what the Bible says, so long as this world is happy, right?
  • Why does this not surprise me?
  • I can guarantee that an article like this exposing Joyce Meyer Joel Osteen would never appear in a so-called 'Christian' publication like The Christian Post or Christianity Today. Instead, it was published in the Huffington Post. And that's sad.
  • Speaking of 'Christian' publications that rarely publish anything remotely Christian, Christianity Today is looking for theology in everyone's favorite book. No, not the Bible . . . the Hunger Games books.
  • But hey, it's not like they're teaching theology based on Bruce Springsteen songs or anything.
  • The ebook of Steve Lawson's The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon is free through November! It's a great read.
  • The Mormon church is Florida's largest private landowner.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable. Actually, this may be several doses, so be careful.
  • Some states want to bring back cursive writing. This is probably a good thing, but as someone whose handwriting is a blend of printing, cursive and chicken scratch, let's just say I'm glad this doesn't affect me.
  • Here's a new gospel tract that Justin Edwards of airĊ has developed. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.
  • We hear a lot about sola Scriptura (and rightly so), but is it always understood correctly?
  • Oh, well at least Kay Arthur didn't "hear any audible voices or anything." (Yes, I'm rolling my eyes.)
  • Yes, this is good. Of course, a healed Aaron Rodgers would be better, but we'll take what we can get.
  • I have no words.
  • Fred Zaspel of Credo Magazine reflects on the recent death of his daughter.
  • Rick Warren says that "One of the ways you know a church is having corporate renewal is the singing gets better." No, really, he actually said that. I know it's probably one of the dumbest things anyone has ever said, but he really did say it.
  • Vision Forum Ministries has closed.
  • It's no secret how I felt about The Bible miniseries. Now February will bring a full-length feature film. And Mark Driscoll is excited about it.
  • A little Harvest Bible Chapel 'hmmm' for your Friday.
  • Phil Johnson teaches us four points about tongues from 1 Corinthians 14.
  • The Puritan commitment to sola Scriptura:


  1. Bothered by Kay Arthur quoting the reading of Madame Guyon. Not good. http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/guyon.htm

  2. I noticed that as well. My own pastor was prone to quote Guyon occasionally, but I asked him about it so often he stopped. Really, Arthur really knows the bible, can't understand how this lazy, God spoke to me" speech gets by.. Barbara on The Lake


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