20 November 2013

God's Providence Extends to the Smallest Things

Photo: Monergism.com
God's providence extends to the smallest things, to the sparrow and to the hairs of our heads. He governs every particular passage in our lives. This should teach us to look up to heaven for permission, power, and perseverance in all the affairs of life. We should not do anything in which we cannot expect God's guidance, and this, so we can trust him for a blessing upon all that we do.

One way or the other, God will provide for his children. If we could live by faith as we should, we would not worry about anything, for God has promised liberally to provide for us, and if we could believe, he will not be less than his Word. He does suffer his children to lack a few outward things, but it is always for their good. God always gives us patience to suffer and to wait for the time of his deliverance. God often allows his children to come to great extremities and desperate estates, yea, even to the jaws of death itself, as Hezekiah, Job, Jonah, David, Daniel, and the three children. He allowed his disciples to be overwhelmed with water before he took notice of it. The Father suffered his only Son upon the cross: 'My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?'

When it comes to pass that all natural and ordinary means fail, we must look to a more durable and constant help—God's own good will and power. When we have experienced his helping hand, we are able to rely more confidently upon him in all adversities. His power is seen in man's weakness. God is never nearer than in our extremities. He allows these to test us that he might exercise his grace in us. We should not be dismayed, though we find ourselves in the most forlorn estate. Every man's life is a struggle, but in our extremities our graces are strengthened.

– Richard Sibbes

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  1. Hi Erin,

    Thanks for this. I love the doctrine of Providence too. Phil Johnson preaches it often, and so magnificently. His latest sermon on Providence is called The Master of My Fate, and it is here

    It was based on is research as he prepared for the Strange Fire conference, but there is not a lot of overlap between this sermon he preached on Oct 13 of this year and what the result of his sermon was at Strange Fire later in the month. If you haven't already heard it, I recommend it as something very edifying.

    1. Elizabeth,

      I was at that game too... :)



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