25 October 2013

This 'n' That

I do not understand Halloween decorations. This is not simply due to my opinion of Halloween and the Christian's response to it. Even as an unregenerate youth who loved horror movies, vampire television shows and Dean Koontz murder mystery novels I never understood the allure of decorating with death, even a watered-down, silly version of it.

Really, what is the attraction of attaching a huge, fake spider to the front of your house? Or hanging ghoulish goblins from your trees? Or placing a Styrofoam tombstone in your landscaping? Or, perhaps worst of all, hanging up one of those witches that looks like it has crashed into a tree—what is the deal with that?

All of us will die one day. And for many, many people, life after death will not be a thing to be celebrated. Why, then, do we find it amusing and fun to dress up and celebrate blood, gore and death while we still are in this life? Ought we not instead appeal to those who are lost to repent of their sins and believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ? Ought we not instead celebrate and sing the praises of the One who gives eternal life? The priorities of this world are grossly misplaced, but those of us who have Christ have been set apart. Let us use this ridiculous 'holiday' of Halloween to truly live out what it means to be set apart for Christ. Let us share Life with a dying world.
Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me." (John 14:6)
Now, before you rush outside to remove that oversized arachnid from your house, take a few minutes to first enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Mars Hill Church wants to move its headquarters, and the leaders are not happy about the snag they've hit in their plans.
  • Speaking of Mark Driscoll, seminary student Eric Dodson reviews Driscoll's newest book, A Call to Resurgence. You may remember this as the book that Driscoll was handing out during his  latest publicity stunt.
  • Tim Challies also reviews Driscoll's book.
  • Mark Driscoll has an invitation for John MacArthur.
  • From one megapastor to another, a lot of people are upset over Steven Furtick's lavish home. In the midst of this story let's not forget that it is Furtick's twisting of Scripture and abuse of God's Word that ought to upset us most. Sometimes the things that make the headlines are merely symptoms of the underlying disease.
  • Following the Strange Fire conference, Phil Johnson appeared as a guest on Michael Brown's radio show (Brown was a vocal opponent of the conference). If there's one thing I learned after listening to the show it was this: Michael Brown has written a lot of stuff and spoken a lot of places and he wants you to know it. It really is unfortunate that Brown's self-promotion (in my opinion) obscured what was otherwise an interesting conversation.
  • Al Mohler recently spoke at Brigham Young University.
  • Jerry Jenkins likes poker.
  • As the friend who sent this to me said, this is wrong on so many levels.
  • At Pyromaniacs, Dan Phillips is sharing his thoughts about Strange Fire.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Grace to You's Christmas sale has already begun. 25% off!
  • Tom Pennington makes a biblical case for cessationism:


  1. This is what I posted on MennoKnight and pertaining to recent Line of Bemire ooops, Line of Fire:

    If one took time to listen to any teaching from Strange Fire conference at length one knows that there was no over step as to what was said there. There was no wide generalizations at SF because there was a specific context given to what Strange Fire conference speakers understood and asserted as Charismatic movement. I am actually bit surprised to hear James White getting to comment to the opposite based on sound bites taken out of their context and carefully selected as such by Dr.Brown for his show Line of Fire.

    Furthermore, I find rather disconcerting the very tactics Dr.Brown uses against those who disagree with him and openly criticize him. For example, during the conversation with Phil Johnson on 10/21/13 Line of Fire show Dr.Brown made assertions about John MacArthur salary. He did so in the very midst of what suppose to be theological and factual criticism of Strange Fire findings and teachings… That is simply a kick below the belt and rather dishonest tactic employed to discredit the other side. That in itself is a giant RED FLAG for anyone who can think analytically and logically. On one hand Dr.Brown demands precision and claims publicly that statements by MacArthur at SF conference are too sweeping and too general only to follow those claims of his with his own completely off the subject remarks and wild assertions as to what MacArthur’s income is and what MacArthur should be doing with that as if Dr.Brown would actually clairvoyantly know what MacArthur does or does not with his income…

    See my posts (on Line of Fire thread from Monday October 21st ’13) about that and Brown’s pseudo responses conveniently centered on his need to pray for “my heart and my life” which are de facto standard veiled ad hominem evasions implying that my heart and my life must be wrong and need of correction through his intercession… :) And what cause Brown’s need of recognizing his intercession for me? It was me simply asking Dr.Brown to disclose in the very same and consistent way and fashion his income (in units of support of Charismatic believers in third world country) which he publicly asserted to John MacArthur while trying to critique MacArthur theological and factual findings. I simply caught his double standards and inconsistency. Yet my question was stalled in the que by Brown’s moderators for a day then not answered by Brown in a fashion I asked and then all of that was dressed up in a costume of his pseudo pious concern for me. All I received when I called Dr.Brown to consistency in his public polemics was evasions and Brown’s standard and cliche pseudo answer so overused against all his critics: ” I will pray for you, your heart and your life”…

    We live in strange times where piousness is claimed and asserted as a cover up for evasions, manipulations and hypocrisy. And no, I am not a member of MacArthur’s church, ministry or even personal friend of anyone like that. I just cannot stand rampant hypocrisy which became the beaten down modus operandi of leavenjellycallism.


  2. 4th of July and Halloween you seen t be the grouchy type when it come holidays. I grew up in the Episcopal Church (a different church back then)in the 1960's and remember my mother making a costume for me as a devil. Halloween was just a day American co-opted for kids to have fun. The problem I see is when adult tried to get into it. I s both the secular camp to be wrong by bringing in debauchery and many in the Christian camps wrong with alarmism. I chase not to celebrate it or go to any Halloween parties, but leave it to the kids as it should be.
    No as for Steven Furtick it not just an American evangelical problem The catholic church as the same problem with "bishop Bling" http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/23/21091544-vatican-suspends-germanys-bishop-bling-after-multimillion-dollar-renovation?lite but unlike Furtick's Church the Vatican is doing the right thing.

    1. Strange it posted my pre-edit version:
      4th of July and Halloween you seem to be the grouchy type when it comes holidays. I grew up in the Episcopal Church (a different church back then) in the 1960's and remember my mother making a costume for me as a devil. Halloween was just a day American co-opted for kids to have fun. The problem I see is when adult tried to get into it. I see both the secular camp wrong by bringing in debauchery and many in the Christian camps wrong with alarmism. I care not to celebrate it or go to any Halloween parties, but leave it to the kids as it should be.

  3. Mark Driscoll has long ago worn out his welcome as a viable, go-to guy for Christian faith and practice. There is entirely too much unrepentant water under the bridge for him to be able to speak with impunity on any matter pertaining to Christ, His church, or it's ills. His new book is a cheap shot at the church that would have her under his thumb, unified with him in all of his fallacious doctrines and the acceptance of known heresies and those that hawk them. Attempts to turn him to repentance have fallen unsuccessful and will likely continue to do so. His mouth has brought shame to the Lord he pretends to love and serve and instead of being heard, prayers should be made for his mouth to be closed-Titus 1:10&11. Too long has been the spread of blessing and cursing from the same mouth-James 3:10&11. May the church rise up against such men and expose the evil perpetrated on her-Eph. 5:11.

  4. Desperville, Darrel..terrific posts, thanks. Driscoll's Long winded Explaination re: SF was so disingenuous, phoney and lame. Reminds me of a guy I know who never admits to wrong doing, but will spin a tale so foolish and phoney one is simply left with a desire to run.!
    Furticks big house? oh yeah, I'm shocked! And here's a link for TD Jakes.. calling the kettle black.. or something...http://www.christianpost.com/news/bishop-t-d-jakes-rebukes-preachers-of-l-a-106642/ too funny! Have a great week Erin, great week in review( kind of) Barbara

  5. I would think that Furtick's mansion and money is not merely a symptom of a disease although one can see it that way. I would say that Furtick's grandiose 16,000 square foot mansion is his real goal as is the life style that goes along with the money he made and still makes thanks to people in the church and beyond he lies to about the Gospel. This guy was in it for the money and from the get-go and the fact that he is a buddy of James MacDonald or Perry Noble and others is only more telling. Most does not want to say it but I will. Furtick is a wolf feeding of the corpses of sheep he slaughtered spiritually and financially as is the rest of this wolf pack.


  6. Yes Despeville I agree with you.

    God will use money to expose what's really inside a person. Making large sums of money and being successful does NOT mean God is blessing anyone at all. In fact God will allow some people to become very wealthy and successful as a curse and a snare to their soul.

    I don't ever hear them talking about TRUE RICHES! Never ever heard them talk about the Lord's unfailing love, His faithfulness, His long-suffering, forgiveness and His righteousness. Never hear them talking about the Holiness of God, His Justice and Mercy and Goodness. These men and women are not humble. They're pimps and prostitutes and hucksters on the stage working for Satan who rape the word of God

    Their mansions on this earth and private jets are way more important to them than people being saved. If the world had needed money, God would have sent us a financial expert and Jesus would not have needed to die on the cross.

    JESUS made it very clear in Matthew 6:24 NIV

    "No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.

    He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.-Micah 6:8

    Wake up World-People need a Savior!

  7. And Albert Mohler accomplished what?


    1. That it's ok to hold hands with those who hate the Lord Jesus Christ.
      That secular agendas trump the Word of God.
      That to use his highly visible position and "stature" in the church to promote himself is acceptable.
      That to speak of salvation only in passing now equals preaching the Gospel to the lost..
      Capitulation to those who oppose the Gospel is now the "in" thing.
      Seeking of "common ground" with those who despise the Lord Jesus is more important than earnestly contending for the faith (this is not the first time Mohler has done this).

      Sad to see one falling away who once was considered by many to be a champion of the faith, sadder still are those who will not see his decline as any big thing, in fact they do not consider his actions as a decline at all, but some magnificent evangelical effort. Never mind the Scriptures, full steam ahead! Matt. 7:6; 2 Cor. 6:14-18; 2 Tim. 3:1-9; 2 John 1:9-11.


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