15 October 2013

The Christian Way of Facing Trials

When the great day comes, the genuineness of your faith will be made manifest. There will be praise and honor and glory. Your little faith, the faith you think is so little, will stand out as something tremendous. It has stood the test and it is going to minister unto “praise and honor and glory.”

Whose honor and praise and glory?

First of all, His . . . the Lord Jesus Christ. He will stand at that great day and look with a sense of satisfaction at Christian people, those whom He called. They have not faltered. He will look at them and He will be proud of them.

But it will also be to our honor and glory and praise, yours and mine. We shall hear Him praising us and saying, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”

He will clothe us with His own glory and we shall spend our eternity enjoying it with Him. The greater and the more genuine our faith, the greater will our glory be.

We may be in heaviness through many temptations and trials at this present time, and we may be weeping as we go along. It does not matter.

We are promised that the day will come when God Himself “shall wipe away all tears from our eyes,” and we shall be with Him in glory everlasting.

That is the Christian way of facing trials. Thank God we are in His hands. It is His way of salvation and not ours.

Let us submit ourselves to God. Let us be content to be in His hands. Let us say to Him: Send what You will, our only concern is that we may ever be well-pleasing in Your sight.

— Martyn Lloyd-Jones

HT: Truth Community Fellowship

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