01 October 2013

Blessed to Be In the Body

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Aside from silly anecdotes, it is not often that I share much here about my personal life. There is a reason for that, and that is because, though I maintain this blog, it is not my desire that this be a blog about me. Who am I? It really does not matter. Who is Jesus Christ? Ah, now that matters, and it matters eternally. A Christian blog should not point to the blogger, but to the One who saves souls, namely our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Today, though, I feel compelled to share this with you: I am blessed. I am confident that every one reading this now would agree and affirm that they, too, have been blessed greatly by the Lord. To list and detail every undeserved blessing that God has bestowed upon this still-being-sanctified sinner would no doubt keep this blog in business until the Lord returns or calls this blogger home. Yet today I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for one thing in particular: the fellowship of the saints and my dear sisters in Christ.

I have a specific group of Christian sisters in mind. It is a group of women who has met to study God's Word together for over two years, though I only joined them this past January. It is a group that has been through collective and individual trials. It is a small flock that has been purged of error and, though smaller due to that fire, it is a group that stands stronger than before.

As we gather weekly, we do so around the Word of God, not around stories or fables or cookies or coupons. Last evening, though, we did gather together around a table of food, meeting for a special fellowship as a break from our busy and stressful lives. As I glanced around the table, Titus 2:3–5 came to mind, and it became beautifully apparent to me just how perfectly our small group reflects the Church as God designed it. The difference in age between our youngest and our oldest is 60 years and yet, in Christ, we all come together with one sole and single desire: to grow in our knowledge of Him and to love, obey and serve Him more each day.

Each one of us stands at a very different point in her life. Each one is facing her own unique trial even in this moment. To face those varying trials, each one of us needs Christ, and each one of us needs the others. This group, dear Christian, is a small reflection of the greater body of Christ. Do you have such a group of brothers or sisters? Do not forsake the fellowship of the saints (Heb 10:25), on Sunday or throughout the week. God has designed this Body, whose Head is Christ, to strengthen one another with love and truth. Do not disregard such a marvelous blessing.
[B]ut speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ, from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love. (Eph 4:15–16)
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  1. How Blessed are you indeed.

    How I long for such a group of biblically based women. The Lord withdrew me from my congregation almost 3 years ago and with no true Biblical church around (that I have found to date) I am on my own, for now. I am an ex-pat in a country whose language I speak very little of and this is where Christ called me out, a Roman Catholic country! The irony of it, surrounded by idolatry of every kind and yet being shaped biblically by the Lord alone. He knows how I long for brethern in the Spirit yet as I am reminded, He is my portion and my lot forever. God is Sovereign and that is what keeps me from feeling guilty that I am not in a physical church or Bible group.

  2. Anonymous, Except for the Roman Catholic part, your post is as if I had written it myself. I too long for the fellowship of godly women. Perhaps I could put an ad in a local paper to start such a gathering of sisters in the Lord. If the Lord leads me in such a direction, I know that it will be difficult because the church I came out of was all about the people and not about the Lord Jesus Christ and HIs Gospel. Where I live, apostasy churches are all around. Not one can I find that is Biblically sound. Tourist area does not help much either since the game is on so to speak for VBS participants if you know what I mean.

    EB, how blessed you and I both are in Christ. How blessed it is for me to have this blog to go to. I am so glad to hear, it brings joy to my heart to know that you gather with godly women each week to study His Word and fellowship. I pray that it stays that way for you and the lovely, godly women in your group. Have a blessed rest of your week. I will go now so that I can keep envy at bay, because I wish I could have the same. It is lonely sometimes, but my joy is full in Christ and others such as you.

    your sister in Christ Jesus,
    Cherie c.

  3. It is a blessing and a joy when our Lord Jesus guides you to a congregation that is doctrinally sound and has a deep love for their congregants. My family was homeless, church-wise, for quite awhile. We prayed about it and the Holy Spirit brought us to small congregation and we thoroughly enjoy the worship and the fellowship. The Gospel is taught every Sunday and folks genuinely care about you. Thank you Jesus!

  4. So happy for you Erin! I myself was in a wonderful small group of ladies that met weekly for bible study and prayer. We were women from all different evangelical churches that loved to read God's Word and pray for each other. Through our weekly meetings we saw MANY answers to prayer and grew in grace and knowledge. Groups like this still exist in the Chicago suburbs.
    Now that we moved to Georgia I pray that the Lord leads me to another wonderful group of sisters. Until then I will continue to look for opportunities to encourage those women God puts in my path.
    Thanks for sharing with us one of the greatest blessings you have~ sincere friends!

  5. @Cherie and others.. I get you! I am in a tourist area with many "churches" but..well, seriously? I was growing and content for many years as we studied the Bible, until I realized my thinking was going away from my Calvery Chapel sisters. My last attempt at bible study was in August, for me it was heart breaking. Not wanting to cause a kerfuffle of fire I quietly left. But, I wonder, If God has helped me to see error and correct my thinking, there are others here too, maybe! So, I think a solid Study open to women in town is something I want to do soon, hey it won't kill me and maybe this step will bring women who think they're alone, together! I love my church, the best available teaching within 55 miles of mountainous terrain! But when I speak on biblical topics I would love to actally connect with someone in the manner of Titus. God bless EB.. encouraging post Best, Barbara on the Lake


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