22 October 2013

An Eyewitness's Open Letter to Mark Driscoll

Even if it did not proceed as planned, it is clear that Mark Driscoll's publicity stunt at last week's Strange Fire conference achieved its purpose. Driscoll has indeed garnered a great deal of attention following his childish antics.

Perhaps the saddest aspect of the entire ordeal is Driscoll's obvious and shameless lies regarding the sequence of events that day. One eyewitness, Darren Wiebe, who is an M.Div student at The Master's Seminary and the man on the left in the photo below, has written an open letter to Mark Driscoll following this PR performance.

In his letter, Wiebe calls for Mark Driscoll to confess and repent, especially for the blatant lie that he shared with thousands upon thousands of his followers on social media here:
Wiebe concludes his letter by stating:
Pastor Mark, you are a man who claims to speak as a man of God, and as a pastor-in-training, I look for examples to follow. When a leader behaves like a child and buries his sin, the example that you set is far from what I see as godly and certainly not one that I want to emulate. Many have already alluded to the irony of the conference you were speaking being called “Act Like Men,” and questioned the authority you have to speak on such a subject, when you remind us of a boy in High School pulling a prank with little discretion and grave consequences

I wish I could come up with a great illustration, like Nathan did for David (2 Samuel 12:1-15), but I can’t. But I do call you to make things right. I call you to examine the motivation for your actions and also apologize to those you need to apologize to. David’s response in Psalm 51 is a true call to repentance. You’ve not only sinned against man, but you’ve sinned against a Holy God. You are a man with lots of influence and you have a tremendous opportunity right now Pastor Mark, to confess that you were wrong. That you made a mistake and to ask for forgiveness. I can assure you, forgiveness can and will be granted.
The reader is encouraged to read Wiebe's open letter to Mark Driscoll here in its entirety.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, EBenz. Cudos to Wiebe for a clear and precise response to the children masquerading as "pastors" who would do well to examine themselves to see if they are indeed in the faith (their followers would be well advised to do the same).

  2. I am kind of curious if James MacDonald has made a statement since all this transpired. Does he approve? There is no doubt about it this conference has rattled a few cages that need to be rattled.

  3. Self-aggrandizement, one of the four stubborn donkeys of leavenjellycalism and a favorite of its gullibility entrepreneurs.


  4. Pastor Driscoll has given his view


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