13 September 2013

This 'n' That

photo credit: eschipul via photopin cc
Well, today is Friday the 13th. You know what that means, don't you? For me, it means that I have a series of routines and traditions that I must complete in defiance of the alleged bad luck that this day brings. I began my day doing an umbrella dance—inside, of course. This was followed by the smashing of the mirrors ceremony. Now, I am typing this while sitting underneath a ladder with a black cat on my lap.

Yes, of course I am being utterly facetious with the above. The moral of the story? Superstitions are silly. We as Christians have a far greater truth, do we not? In fact, we have the Truth, the Way and the Life, namely Jesus Christ. We have His Word—a book which is not filled with fantasy and fairy tales, but with His story of redemption.

We talk very easily about the inerrancy and sufficiency of the Word, but how often do you pause to truly reflect upon that reality? Every word contained within your Bible is true and trustworthy and given to you by God. Why would we ever seek for anything more? Why would we ever be so ungrateful as to tell God that His Word is not enough? Do you treasure that Word? Do you thrive on it and crave it, desiring to feast upon it every single day? If not, ask God in this moment to give you a hunger for His Word that never ceases. I cannot help but think that He would delight to answer that prayer.

And when you're done praying and reading the great truths of Scripture, come back here to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • I really enjoyed this episode of No Compromise Radio, wherein Pastor Mike shares some ideas for family worship.
  • Was Jesus always 'nice'?
  • The Packers lost last Sunday to San Francisco. It was a good game, though, and the 49ers weren't handed an easy win. Nevertheless, in the spirit of sour grapes, it is my duty as a Packers fan to make fun of the 49ers and their crybaby, pouting coach.
  • Funny, when I look for shapes in the clouds, I see things like puppy dogs and half-eaten slices of pizza. But you know, the face of Jesus is okay too. Except when it really looks more like Santa Claus.
  • Yeah, because I'll feel so much better with Glenn Beck in charge of my email.
  • The 'housewife theologian' shares her thoughts on the difference between women preaching and women blogging.
  • See, if my daughter were wearing short shorts and inappropriate clothes, I would just go into her room and throw out everything deemed immodest. But this works too.
  • The world's ugliest animal has not been selected for this week's adorable dose.
  • Oh, great, I feel safe.
  • Because sometimes you just need to see a monkey eating soup.
  • John MacArthur on the deafening silence of evangelicals regarding the dangers of the charismatic movement.
  • Uh-oh. Looks like MacArthur hit a nerve with that one. Adrian Warnock was not amused.
  • Here's 18 everyday products that you've been using wrongly. What's weird is that I knew about #9 and I don't even eat Greek yogurt.
  • An ex-fighter pilot recalls her 9/11 suicide mission.
  • Apple announced its newest phones this week: the 5s and the cheaper 5c. I'm not a fan of the fingerprint technology on the 5s, but the price tag on the 5c certainly is enticing.
  • Here is your weekly dose of adorable.
  • It took me awhile to stop laughing from reading this headline. The article is just as head-shaking and laughable.
  • I received a card in the mail this week from the National Prescription Savings Network. Supposedly I can just take it into any pharmacy and save a bundle. Sure, no catch there. I don't take any prescriptions, but was curious about the inevitable scam behind these cards. It didn't take much digging to find a helpful article in the Los Angeles Times. I'm guessing I'm not the only person who's received these cards, so if you were thinking about using yours, read this first.
  • Okay, guys, I get it. There are a lot of things you have to carry to church every week: Bible, pens, paper, iPad, lip gloss. Oh wait, scratch that last one (I hope). I understand that you now may need a man-bag to tote around all of your gear. That's okay—it's about time you understand the purse pains us ladies have been feeling for years. And maybe now you can put our stuff in your bag for a change. But whatever you do, please, please don't call your man-bag a 'Kingdom Kit.' 
  • Why did Jesus die such a bloody, gruesome death? 


  1. Friday the 13th superstition came to be again thanks to the false religion of Romanism and its pursuit of power and money. It came to be in the beginning of XIV century when Roman pope and French king went after the Order of Templars and ordered their massive arrests which were initially executed on Friday the 13th.


  2. The branding of particular churches and pastors is becoming quite the plague! It might happen without anyone trying, because of technology, for instance, many folks know and listen to John MacArthur, but this is not quite the branding Hill Song wants. A poxy plague it is to " purposely drive" a so- called church this way. Icky. .. Wish I could be more profound but hey, it is what it is.. Thanks for wrapping up the week Erin.. Barb on the Lake

  3. I remember reading a blog post from a not-to-be-named pastor on Ms. "Lucky"-Penney, i.e., the female fighter pilot who was prepared to give her life in order to take down United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. The upshot of the post was how grateful he was for God's sovereignty -- not because two service personnel were spared their lives, but because the nation was spared the ignominy of having been defended on that day by a woman.


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