19 September 2013

Former 20-year Elder Board Chairman of Harvest Bible Chapel Offers First Public Statement Since Departure

There is little doubt that many of this blog's readers are aware of the latest ongoings at Harvest Bible Chapel. A recently released video has in particular caused quite a stir. (Update 2 October 2013: Harvest Bible Chapel has since removed this video from its website and from Vimeo.)

Do Not Be Surprised (DNBS) has deliberately chosen not to comment on this latest development for one simple reason: there already are a great many voices crying out and offering thoughts and commentary. To chime in would, in this writer's opinion, be to add another unnecessary voice to an already noisy conversation. Further, while there are many people who are greatly grieved by the situation at Harvest Bible Chapel and who are genuinely concerned for the many deceived and endangered souls who call that place their church home, there are just as many individuals who thrive on the controversy that has been generated by Harvest Bible Chapel and its senior pastor, James MacDonald. Due to the number of blogs and ministries already alerting about this latest situation, then, it seemed wise to this blogger to simply not feed the sinful desires of this latter group of people.

An update was released yesterday, however, by The Elephant's Debt (TED) website, that may be of interest to some readers of this blog. As DNBS has discussed Harvest Bible Chapel over the past couple of years, many readers have left comments and sent messages simply asking, "Where is Dave Corning?" Corning was a member of the HBC elder board for 20 years. He left the church in December 2010 and until now has remained silent as to the full reasons for his departure. In light of Harvest's recent behavior, Corning finally released a statement that has been published at the TED website. That statement reads in part:
We have not been divisive or deceptive or ever posted anything before this response. In many ways we feel we should have spoken out earlier but we chose to remain silent out of deference for many good people at Harvest. Now, however, I cannot stand back and see the godly reputations of former elders and friends be destroyed.
The full statement issued by Dave Corning can be read here at The Elephant's Debt website.

Comments will be closed on this post here at DNBS. The link to Corning's statement is offered for informational purposes only, and the reader is encouraged to share his thoughts directly at the TED website.

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