30 August 2013

This 'n' That

I received an ad and some coupons in the mail this week for a Mexican restaurant. I was looking at it this morning as I was lacing up my running shoes and noticed a rather odd gimmick. Right now, for just $7.99, you can . . . make your own guacamole at your table! What a deal!

Um, really? You want me to pay eight bucks to sit in a sticky booth, mash up my own guacamole, and come home smelling like refried beans and grease? You know, I think I'd rather just stay home and smash an avocado in the comfort of my own kitchen, but thanks anyway. (Actually, for the record, avocado in all forms gives me the creeps.) Well, in light of this development, I can only anticipate that it won't be long before my favorite breakfast place will let me scramble my own eggs for just $12.

As ridiculous as it sounds that we would visit a restaurant only to pay to prepare our own food, I suppose that it is better than attending a wicked church that demands a tithe (lest you be cursed!) in order that you may create a god or "Jesus" of your own design. Such a thing has far graver consequences than simply emptying your pocketbook—it could rob you of eternal life. Yet how many people happily turn over their check every week, assuming such a work will earn their way into Heaven as they learn about a god who is decidedly not the God of the Bible? Or how many will pay with their souls as they "accept a Jesus into their heart" who loves but does not judge and who affirms sin but does not uphold righteousness?

After you ponder that, and after you pray for your local "lost" church (I've no doubt there's at least one in every town represented by the readers here), take a few minutes out of your Friday to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Because it's always funny to watch someone being chased by a dinosaur.
  • Here's some interesting stats on homeschoolers.
  • This military chaplain is offended by prayers to Jesus because God should be generic, you know. Right. . .
  • Free ESV Audio Bible!
  • Fred Butler has compiled some resources on cessationism.
  • Here's your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Normally I'd try to conjure up a witty, semi-snarky remark to something like this, but let's face it, this is just plain sad.
  • Maybe this is why I crave watermelon after a workout.
  • Pyromaniacs and the gift of Parbar.
  • What the Hijabi did and didn't witness.
  • "Trinity Community Church in Minneapolis made history on Sunday by ordaining the first-ever openly gay minister at a Presbyterian church in Minnesota." 
  • Everything I ever needed to know about life I learned from television. Okay, not really. Not at all, actually. But let's face it, shows like The Brady Bunch really did help us through our childhood. Where else would we have learned not to play ball in the house?
  • If you don't follow me on Twitter, first of all, what's wrong with you? Secondly, this is what I'm asking for today, so feel free to chime in using the comment section below.
  • Feminism and exegetical mayhem
  • Um, ew. There's really no other, more eloquent way to say it.
  • Here's a little LOL to offset that last link.
  • Be prepared to answer skeptics.
  • This is an important article by Pastor Dennis McBride addressing all of the alleged Muslim dreams and visions of "Jesus."


  1. Thanks as always for your hard work in putting together a good list of thought-provoking items for us. I liked your segue from the coupons to the tithing.

    The Muslim dreams issue has troubled me for some time. When I wrote about it two years ago, and was soundly browbeaten as being a naysayer and unloving, I thought first, why ONLY Muslims? Why not other unreached people groups too? Yet this dreams issue has not gone away and has in fact gained notoriety and credibility.

    And secondly, the fact that uniformly the people reporting these dreams identify Jesus as Isa. Yet the Isa that they know via Islam never died on the cross, did not atone for sins, will return to earth to renounce the cross and kill the people of the book, according to the Quran. Would the true Jesus identify Himself in the name of false prophet Isa? No, it would never happen.

    In the link you provided, the author takes a careful, logical, and comprehensive approach to examining these dream claims. He did a good job. I'll bookmark it for future reference and also to share. Thanks again.

    1. Elizabeth, I agree with you regarding the artical on Muslim dreams, I've been uncomfortable with folks from my church, including leadership, proclaiming these dreams as from the Lord, well worth the read and a good spot to mark and use as a reference. Nice reading your post..
      I got my week started seeing these replies and it IS encouraging to see like minded women in the world who think doctrine matters!

  2. Erin.......I really think that we might be related.
    I don't know of many people that will laugh and literally ga-faw laugh (is that how you spell gafaw?) at the dinosaur video. That was off the charts hysterical. I just love the fact that you posted that.

    Awesome video of Lawson.

    And I can't stand avocados either...so therefore I have concluded the following:

    We must be related due to the following-
    Precious Moments creep you out too
    Dinosaurs chasing people are funny
    green mush for mexican food is gross
    You love cats
    You know who Don Green, Phil, Steve, and Mac are and love them all as much as I do.
    Precious Moments creep you out (wait i said that)

    Well there ya go....two Christian sisters who appreciate theology, dinosaurs, and are concerned for dead puppets named Timmy walking around.

    Sorry this wasnt pithy.....

    -Your sis Lori

    1. Lori,
      Readers from around the globe are now terrified at the thought that there may be two of us walking around. :-)
      All I can conclude is that those who understand the ickiness of avocados and who think Precious Moments are creepy (especially when they are life-size) are the really, extra-special holy Christians. :)

    2. Yes...this is true. The fact there are two of us could be concerning. ha

      I wonder if Timmy does house calls? Wouldn't that just scare you to death! Oh the thought. I just shuddered.

      Amen to what Barbara said too! I love to sit with my This and That as Vince works on posts for our website and pull up things like dinosaurs scaring people and wait for the "um what are you watching?" and then I casually say...."just a dinosaur chasing a person down a hall." or "oh just checking out the cheetah jump through the car." But most of all...."ohhhhh that amazing sermon where Steve slams his hands on the GCC pulpit and says, 'Give us some men who know the truth!' " Oh...sigh. Such great stuff!

      Blessings ladies! :)


  3. :0) Every Friday night, for a few months now, my favorite thing to do is get cozy in my bed, listen to my husband fall asleep and then peek into my Kindle to find DNBS This & That Waiting for me. I peruse all the offerings, noting a few I'd already caught else where on the web during the week, then..like a kid in a candy shop, I click through and enjoy an hour or so of, well, good stuff!! After a harrowing week, this & that is something I really look forward to (kind of) ;0)
    Pastor Mike pointed me in your direction, I am so glad, for me your blog reminds me there ARE like minded woman in the world and that, though there are none in my life, this blog helps with that feeling od frustration (and loneliness)
    Btw, great segway with the avocado analogy, though I love avocado, well.. they don't love me!!God Bless Erin, thanks for the hard work you put into your blig, makes my Friday nights
    Sincerely, Barbara

    1. Barbara,
      I'm so thankful Pastor Mike sent you here! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Even though you love avocado, we'll give you a pass and let you stick around for a bit. :)
      Glad you're enjoying the Friday posts and yes, take heart, there really are like-minded Christian women who love God's Word and who seek to contend for that precious faith that has been delivered to the saints.


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