06 August 2013

NoCo90: Bowing to the Baal of Sports

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  1. I agree with Pastor Abendroth. May I add another exhortation to his? If Sunday truly is the Lord's day, if it truly is the day that we are going to worship the Lord, then christians, please prepare yourself for that day. Go with the deliberate purpose to worship the Lord in spirit and truth. Go with the mind of Christ. Go with the purpose of building up others in the faith. Too often we go without any real purpose. We sit bored, we don't listen. Worse we talk about last night's movie or about today's lunch. We dig in our purses, we rattle our keys or loose change, we play with our phones or electronics. Some young women play with their hair. By the way, this is very distracting. May I kindly request that if you are in the habit of playing with your hair in public, please go to the ladies room, fix it, and then leave it please until you get home. Church is not for personal grooming. Are you thinking about yourself or God and others? Too often, when we talk to our fellow Christians at church we chit chat about non-essentials, or worse. We have nothing of any real spiritual value to share. We talk about sports, child-rearing, work, how bad the world is, etc. Instead, go with the purpose of building up others in their faith. Share a scripture that has meant something to you this week. Ask what can you pray for? Talk about some aspect of the sermon. Ask them how they are doing spiritually, or what they read this week in the scripture that was encouraging. Tell them what you are praising the Lord for. Tell them how they may have spiritually encouraged you. Ask if they have read any good Christian books lately. Something, anything but chit chat. We can chit chat all week with complete strangers at work, the store or school. Let us think about how we can make our time at church expressly Christian instead and honor the Lord with our lives.


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