15 May 2013

NoCo90: Is This Bible Study at Your Church?

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  1. Sorry, but NoCo90 is 100% wrong in this.

    The entire 11th chapter of Hebrews (The Hall of Faith) is a list of faithful people, given to us to be examples. 1 Corinthians 11:1 explicitly calls for the Corinthians to imitate Paul because he imitated Christ.

    Plus there is the logical fallacy involved: since he feels that we should not be inspired by anybody but Christ, why were the saints of old even mentioned? If we can learn nothing from their lives (as he implies heavily with the "know nothing but Christ crucified" comment), then why was the Holy Spirit wasting time by giving detailed accounts of other people's lives? Why did God Himself command Job's friends that they should be like him (not Him)?

    Usually, these are great videos, but this one missed the mark.

    1. Well, now, let's consider the types of studies/teachings that Pastor Mike is referencing here. Why do we look up to, learn from and imitate the 'heroes of the faith'? Is it so that we can allegorize the stories we know about them, turning our trials into our own lion's den or our own Goliath? Is it so that we can learn to be courageous or to be a good friend or for any other mere moralistic purpose?

      Or are these men and women offered as examples because of their love for, faith in, and devotion and service to the Lord Jesus Christ? They are examples insomuch as they point to Christ, but so many churches, Sunday school classes, Bible studies, etc, completely miss this, and instead want to teach us to choose our own smooth stones so that we can 'slay the Goliath' in our own lives. The Apostle Paul would not want you to study his life so that you could learn all about him. Rather, we look to Paul because he lived for Christ. He preached about Christ. He sought to only please Christ. He died for Christ. Do you see a theme developing here?

  2. Thank you for that reminder.. God Bless


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