08 May 2013

A Response to Heresy

When it comes to heresies and wicked perversions of the truth which distort everything, we should react as if we have been punched or stabbed in the stomach or neck. For in what does the life and well-being of the church consist, if not in the pure Word of God?

If someone came and poisoned the meat which we needed for food, would we tolerate it? No, it would make us strike out! The same reasoning applies to the gospel. We must always raise our hands to defend the purity of its doctrine, and we must not allow it to be corrupted in any way whatever.

– John Calvin

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1 comment:

  1. " No, it would make us strike out!" Indeed but in the land of leavenjellycalism that is "not loving" and "divisive"... Perhaps this is why broad leavenjellycalism is poisoned to the max and long ago.

    ~ Despeville


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