01 April 2013

April Fool's Day Marks First Broadcast of Rick Warren's 'Daily Hope' Radio Program

*This article originally appeared here at Christian Research Network.

Screenshot: RickWarren.org
Purpose-driven pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church has resisted taking his ministry to the radio for the term of his career—until now. As previously reported, this first week of April 2013 marks the launch of Warren's new radio program, 'Daily Hope.'

In a promotional video appearing on his website, Warren explains why he has not previously pursued a radio ministry, including the fact that he "did not want to become a celebrity." In the first two minutes of the video, Warren boasts about his own ministry success, using the words "I," "me" and "my" and failing to mention Jesus Christ, Who must be the focus of every Christian pastor's ministry (1 Cor. 1:23, 9:16).

Warren then explains that, after prayer, he has decided to begin a daily radio broadcast. To explain this decision, Warren offers "three deep convictions" that God has "burned" into his heart: a concern for the direction of the nation and decay of the culture, to "underwrite what [Warren] thinks is the greatest global mission initiative facing our generation" and to address the "erosion of religious liberty in America." Throughout his explanation of these three reasons, Warren asks the viewer to help support his goals.

To conclude his video promo, Warren claims that, throughout his life, God has given him "three great visions" and has helped him to surpass them all. He then says that he has "no doubt that God has given me this new vision" and that he is "more confident" about this venture than any of the others. Warren then makes a final plea for support as he states that he does not "want to do it alone."

Since Warren has claimed that this vision was given to him directly by God, the implication, whether intentional or not, is that to refuse to support this God-given vision is potentially to stand in rebellion to God. Yet, in spite of Rick Warren's claims of direct visionary revelation from God and his supposed message of 'daily hope,' the Christian must be mindful of where his true hope lies, and that is not in endeavors of man, but in Jesus Christ the Lord (Col. 1:27).

Critics of Warren no doubt will find irony in the fact that his program is set to launch today, on what commonly is known as April Fool's Day. 'Daily Hope' will run for 25 minutes Monday through Friday on various radio outlets, Sirius XM Satellite Radio's Family Talk Channel and Rick Warren's own website.

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  1. I found myself talking to the computer screen as I watched this laughing stock tell us how he didn't want noteriety and that he's not planning on expanding his own, rather large, empire. Is he using double-speak to convince us of his personal desire to reach these 2,900 people groups/tribes wherein he will get everyone purpose-driven? The idea of reaching the lost is an admirable one, but I find his whole approach self-serving and self-glorifying just like everything else he does. And his affiliation with the U.N. and the Council on Foreign Relations has me tremendously concerned. He is a papal puppet, make no mistake about it. Now that he announced "we have a pope" I suspect he will get a lot of support from the most nefarious sources. He was digging for financial support and called those who would assist him in this venture "world-class Chrisitans." What on earth or in Hell does that mean? Can anyone say ONE WORLD RELIGION? Please...

    It's over folks. No matter how much these purveyors of deception want to rearrange the deck chairs on this sinking ship, according to Scriptures, we are going down and this guy seems to be coming up with ideas that may very well usher in, in my opinion, religious persecution of true Christians. I just have this sinking feeling, but time will tell. It's just all very weird.

    Pray for Warren that he come out of the "system" that Revelation talks about. These big ideas and big plans have a catch, I am just not sure what they are right now, but the Great Deception comes to mind.


  2. Well said, Connie. God help us.

  3. The Pope of Apostasy has spoken and I guess I should start writing big checks so as not to incure the wrath of Warren. It used to be we were to give "seed money" to receive a 'blessing.' Now we are being required to pay Warren's way around the world in order to avoid a curse? HELP!!

    Sorry, but I can't pray that RW will come to his senses, repent and be saved. 2Peter 2 and all of Jude speak of such men as having their eternal destiny already written. No where in Scripture or in history is there a record of the LEADER of a cult, apostate group, or heretics being born again. Not even Paul would quailify for this as he did his deeds "ignorantly, in unbelief" 1Tim. 1:13. Prayer for his followers is always in order and no doubt many have already been delivered from the lies of Warren.

    As for his radio show, goats need to eat, too.

  4. So this glorified fool "spent last 30 years training 400, 000 pastors" ? No wonder stupidity, confusion and sensual pornography of "personal expriences" rules the land of mega leavenjellycalism and the truth and exposition of it through the Word of God is so rare and so precious. With this kind of bombastic social managers posing as man of God i.e. false christs ( ψευδόχριστοι as in Matthew 24:24) more is to come but the Lord knows His sheep and He will keep them no matter how many fat goats will show up on the scene to impose themselves as "shepherds" along with their buddy pope of Oz...

    ~ Despevile

  5. Thank you Lord I never got into listening to Mr. Warren. --Becky


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