08 March 2013

This 'n' That

The Shepherd's Conference is well under way. In fact, it's almost over! I've been trying to watch as much of the live stream as possible. As expected, the keynote speakers have opened the Word of God and faithfully and marvelously preached that Word. Not to be ignored, however, are some of the breakout sessions. When you have time, you will not want to miss Tom Patton's session, 'Letter to a Christian Nation,' Jerry Wragg speaking about 'Grace, Good Works and the Gospel,' or Nathan Busenitz with his teaching, 'Did Constantine Invent the Trinity?' (audio not yet available for that one).  Audio for the sessions is available here.

Yet, in the midst of all of this marvelous teaching, and in spite of the fact that much of that teaching has addressed the problem of worldly churches and pastors, I have received an alarming report that there are a few too many pairs of skinny jeans wandering the campus of Grace Community Church and attending this 'business casual' event.

My only hope is that these poor pastors, elders or lay leaders were the victims of mishandled luggage. Surely their suitcases accidentally were switched with someone who was on his way to attend the Seeds Conference instead, where men like Steven Furtick and Craig Groeschel were speaking. This must be the only explanation! Either this or these men have a drastically different definition of 'business casual' than does the rest of society. Or, perhaps I simply do not understand the ways of their 'tribe.'

No matter, because it's Friday. So whether you are laboring to breathe in your skinny jeans right now, or relaxing in your jammies, please enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Answers magazine has an insightful article by Al Mohler discussing the issue of gay marriage as a civil right.
  • If you follow my Sunday Morning Praise posts, you know that the hymn posted a couple of weeks ago was "Abide with Me." By divine coincidence, Tim Challies ran an article last weekend explaining the background of this hymn. There's also a free download!
  • Rob Bell has released another trailer for his upcoming book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God. Spoiler alert: God apparently is as irrelevant as an Oldsmobile. But if you ask me, I think Bell is the one who has become irrelevant.
  • I continue to be amazed at all of the young children who supposedly identify as the opposite gender from their natural one. Now a Colorado school is being sued because they won't allow a six-year-old boy to use the girls' restroom. 
  • Kevin DeYoung on the motivations for faith: What is your attraction to Christianity? Is it power? Is it prestige? Is it purpose? Or is it the person of Jesus Christ? Saving faith says with the psalmist: “Not to us O Lord, not to us, but to your name be the glory.”
  • Who says cats don't like water?
  • Can you imagine offering someone $10,000 to murder your child? It's an appalling, horrifying thought, isn't it? Not to everyone, apparently.
  • Thirsty Theologian shares a couple of quotes from R.C. Sproul on the Roman Catholic heresies of the mass and transubstantiation. 
  • Best prank ever. I've always said the scarf is the most versatile accessory.
  • The Sola Sisters are concerned that some creation ministries have endorsed The Bible miniseries.
  • Chris Rosebrough lays out the theological errors of that same miniseries:


  1. Chicken Church???? Where DO you find this stuff, Ebenz?

    (keep up the good work. love your blog!)

  2. I was aghast at the AIG positive review of History Channel's "The Bible" also. The review failed on several reasons: first, because though AIG says they are pleased the miniseries creators put forth the biblical events as real history, the series didn't. Sodom was not portrayed as being smited for the sin of homosexuality. (A significant omission as you pointed out). So even on their own basis of it being history, the review fails.

    Secondly, AIG says after many lauds and plaudits, the following: "It unfortunately lacks a clear presentation of the gospel message like that included at the end of the 1979 Jesus Film ... Unless the producers add a brief gospel message to the final episode—which will air on Easter Sunday, March 31—some viewers will likely need additional explanation."

    Then they go on to say-

    "Nevertheless, even as a stand-alone production, The Bible will likely lead many to Christ."

    I finished reading their review wondering quite frankly if they had lost their mind.

    1. I agree with you Elizabeth. Your assessment of AIG's review is spot on. AIG's statement of lending their stamp of approval on a mini-series that replaces the message according to Scripture as to what God's word actually teaches throughout Genesis to Revelation, why Jesus came "To seek and to save that which was lost" NOT "change the world", and also AIG turning a blind eye to the miniseries omitting the sin of Sodom "homosexuality" is blatant and egregious. How could they ignore this and still approve of this? It's just indefensible.

  3. on the Transgender issue: why don't they just build a 3rd bathroom for Transgenders??

    1. I've wondered that myself.

  4. @^@hahahahah@^@. That lady reporting on the swimming cat was so hilarious.

  5. The weekly dose of Adorable....was so adorable...and yet… it prompted suspicions.

    I couldn’t rest until I had investigated a number of other videos of this same Cat.

    I’m happy and relieved to report that the Cat’s front paws are NOT glued together. Whew! Carol

    1. Thanks for letting us know. I've never seen a cat do this. Now I have taken tape and stuck it on my cats paw to see the reaction. It's quite funny. But all cats have their different personality and one of em when I did that she just reached down with her mouth and pulled it right off... If you stick it on their tail they sometimes walk like they are one-sided or lopsided..

  6. Ok, so I am reading the story you did on Yale, Erin, and I am wondering......how do you report on stuff of this nature without doing harm to yourself or others? I wanted to hit myself in the face with a brick while I was reading the explanation for this event from that "young skull full of mush", as Rush Limbaugh would say.

    And I was baffled by the AIG review, as well......

  7. Thank you so kindly for the link! I appreciate it!

    The purple scarf guy looks so gleeful. He is obviously having a ball.

    We'll do anything for our cats, won't we?

    I do think the church looks like a chicken. A *surprised* chicken.

  8. Did anyone see the Huckabee interview with Roma Downey Saturday nite? I missed it but probably will be on again tonite.
    Just wondering.


  9. I have prayed and prayed for discernment and have realized how painful it can be to recognize that your church is headed for apostasy, to sound the alarm, and to be either ignored or accused of being rebellious.

    I wonder if anyone else has had this experience or if it is just me.

    1. Oh NO it is not just you. I was labelled a fault finder, heresy hunter, I was told "do not touch God's anointed" I was told I had an unteachable spirit, critical spirit and so forth. It took me and my best friend Deb 2 years of researching on web sites like this to find out what was wrong and what we were mixed up in. Then we had to really get on our faces and pray and pray that God will show us mercy, to open our hearts, eyes and ears to know the truth and it was in Gods word that we began to see, hear and know the truth.

      BTW i came out of the Word of faith movement and a short time in the New Apostolic Reformation....scary stuff. The Apostate church in alive and thriving, that is for sure.

      Keep asking lots of question...... Late, Teresa

    2. what do you mean by "prayed for discernment"? do you mean for you or others?

      Discernment comes from when we read the word of God. It doesn't matter how much you pray for others or yourself to have it if no one is letting God's word get in them it won't happen.

  10. There is a culture of fear at James MacDonald's Harvest Bible Chapel network of churches. I tried to talk over my concerns with one of the leaders who agreed with me but adopted a "don't ask, don't tell" posture of fear.


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