28 March 2013

The Sovereignty of God Is the Most Comforting Doctrine

The sovereignty of God is the most encouraging and comforting doctrine in all of Scripture. An understanding of it removes the anxiety from life. It also gives the man of God courage in spiritual duty and willingness to face any danger. God is never surprised, nor is His will ever frustrated. He says in Isaiah 46:11, "Truly I have spoken, truly I will bring it to pass. I have planned it, surely I will do it." Because He is in total control, there is no need to worry, to compromise, to equivocate, or to manipulate to achieve a goal.

The man of God knows that the success of his ministry does not depend on his ingenuity, wisdom, or talent. He is relieved of the intolerable burden of imagining that people's eternal destiny rests on the persuasiveness of his preaching or the cleverness of his invitation. He understands that no one comes to faith in Christ apart from God's gracious, sovereign choice. And he, too, is operating under the constant surveillance of and within the plan of the God who is in perfect control of everything. That frees him to focus on faithfully expounding the Word and fulfilling his calling with contentment.

– John MacArthur, The MacArthur New Testament Commentary: 1 Timothy, (Moody Publishers: 1995), 276.

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  1. It certainly is the most comforting doctrine. I would not have made it if it were NOT for the Sovereignty of GOD. My Solid ROCK, My Firm Foundation. To know that God is in complete control of ALL that happens whether good or bad in my life is such a comforting thought. to know that the Lord keeps His very precious and great promises.

    I think of Joseph and how his brothers sold him into slavery.. That brilliant verse --"But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass , as it is this day, to save much people alive."-Genesis 50:20....

    God is all wise not us; God alone is good not us,,,, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path"-Proverbs 3:5.


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