19 March 2013

Rob Bell: Against Hell, For Gay 'Marriage'

Few will be surprised to learn that Rob Bell, controversial author and former pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church, came out this past weekend in support of gay 'marriage.'

Speaking this past Sunday at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, Bell responded to a question regarding same-sex marriage and in his answer, Bell affirmed and "openly endorsed marriage equality." The Huffington Post shares Bell's response:
I am for marriage. I am for fidelity. I am for love, whether it's a man and woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man. I think the ship has sailed and I think the church needs -- I think this is the world we are living in and we need to affirm people wherever they are. (Source)
Bell went on to declare that members of the 'narrow' evangelical subculture need to 'adapt' to the new ways of viewing God and the world. He further stated that those who "have supported policies and ways of viewing the world that are actually destructive. . . need to repent" for doing so in the name of God.

Though Huffington Post writer Greg Carey stated, "To my knowledge, Bell's interview marks the first time that he has openly supported marriage equality," many Christians are unsurprised by this latest report about Bell. Speaking at a Los Angeles event in July 2012, Bell was asked his thoughts about homosexuality. His reply was unquestionably gay-affirming:
Thank you for asking that. We’re here in West Hollywood, epicenter of a lot of gay culture and you’re asking—some people are gay (pause) and you’re our brothers and you’re our sisters, and we love you.

We love you. (audience applauds) And it’s really, really, really, important that we’re clear. I had a good friend—when I was in my teens—who was gay. And hadn’t told anybody. An’ I was the first person he told.

And (pause) probably the most loving, generous, holy—one of the most—he was extraordinary, is extraordinary. But at an early age I was like, some people are gay; an’ God loves them just like God loves me.

And they’re passionate disciples of Jesus, just like I’m trying to be. So, let’s all get together and try to do something about the truly big problems in our world; that I believe Jesus would us to band together, and tackle together.

So there you go.

In its report on Rob Bell's latest comments, Christian News Network shared the following:
However, not all are enthusiastic about Bell’s teachings or that fact that such books are so prevalent and popular in Christendom.

“The best-selling books in Christianity today are almost categorically across the board emergent books,” lamented Pastor Eric Ludy in his sermon The Evil Side of Artistic. “Entire tables will be set up in Barnes and Noble entitled ‘The New Christian,’ and they’re all this [type of emergent] thinking. So, I’m not talking about a little side project … This is the thinking that is permeating the Church of Jesus Christ.”

“What has happened to our Gospel?” he asked with concern in his voice. “You do not tamper with the truth, otherwise you are tampering with the Son of God who gave up His life. This was precious blood that was spent. Precious! And we [need] give up our blood to protect this message.”
Rob Bell is known for questioning, redefining and challenging the beliefs of orthodox Christianity. His book, Love Wins, caused a stir by redefining Hell, and his newest book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, is said to "tackle misconceptions about God." The only thing shocking about this latest news, then, is that anybody is shocked by it in the first place.

*A version of this article originally appeared here at Christian Research Network.

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  1. I concur in being completely underwhelmed at this outright declaration. Goats don't act like sheep, and don't tend to get much sheepier after shedding their thin wool jacket as he did long ago.

    But it is terribly troubling nonetheless, for the very reason you cited from Pastor Ludy: he is a very hip guy with smooth words that resonate with a very large chunk of our culture. He's not exactly a basement blogger noone's heard of. I guess the only positive thing for Christians might be that such clear stances make it easier for us to explain to others why this guy is not one of us.

  2. Jesus claimed to be God- the same God as the Old Testament. Jesus condemned homosexuality because He was responsible for those laws. Also, Jesus said the whole Law was valid-Matthew 5:17-20 and he did not come to (abolish) the law but to fulfill it. This will include the passages in Leviticus that condemn Homosexuality etc..so, Jesus agrees with the condemnation of homosexuality.

    Rob Bell comes along and thinks he knows more than God and can change God's law? How utterly arrogant can you get? God's Holy Character is reflected in his Moral law and His moral law has not changed and never will. -Malachi 3:6- "I the LORD do not change". It may be acceptable in Society and to Rob Bell to affirm it as "love" but God does NOT call this love he calls it SIN that will send people straight to hell for all eternity. So it's impossible for 2 of the same sex to "LOVE" one another and call it love because God is Love and God is Truth. He hates homosexuality since it's outside HIS Moral boundaries of TRUTH. God certainly does NOT approve of it. That's to call God a liar and God cannot lie. "Let GOD be true and every man a liar"-..

    Affirming them in their SINS is not LOVE. One can't love homosexuals by enabling by affirming them in their homosexual behavior which is a perversion of sex anymore than love an alcoholic by buying them a bottle of whiskey--- that is to hate them, not love them. You may not force them into rehab against their will, but you don't enable or encourage their behavior if you love them. Same thing with homosexuality.

    God has set the boundary lines for love and it's encompassed and protected by the TRUTH. It is like a fire. In the right circumstances a fire provides warmth, light, and food. But, outside the "confines of truth" fire in the wrong place has enormous capacity for destruction. Sexual desire is protected within marriage because it is protected within the confines truth-the right circumstances as God intended it to be. God set the boundary and God's boundary for sexual activity is limited strictly to marriage. Heb.13:4 -"Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.

  3. This bell is cracked and even those who are semi deaf should hear it by know. Do remember that this wolf was set loose from the stage of Willow Creek Center for Theistic Moralism and Suburban Entertainment good 12 or so years ago. Thanks Bill!

    ~ Despeville


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