05 March 2013

NoCo90: Last Call for Altar Calls

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  1. Can't Amen this enough. There is no way to know how many people have been duped into a false security by this Arminian style heresy. It has produced nothing but false converts and self-appointed preachers/teachers who produce more of their kind. Thanks be to God who still saves people out of this lie and regenerates them to His glory.

    1. I think it's quite possible that many people never knew that and accepted it as commonplace in the local church. There are those who are unaware of the origins of the Altar Call, yet passionately preach sound biblical doctrine, Christ crucified, etc. Perhaps they need to hear this as well.

    2. Elliot,
      "There are those who are unaware of the origins of the Alter Call, yet passionately preach sound doctrine, Christ crucufied, etc."
      Well, maybe, but I'd like to know where that church is. It is more likely that any church that gives an alter call will also preach a gospel of "make a decision for Christ" or "accept Jesus into your heart" neither of which is to be found in Scripture and thereby disqualifies that "preaching" from being in the sound doctrine category. Such "doctrine" (false doctrine) is contrary to the Word and is actually the "other gospel" Paul spoke of in Gal. 1:6-9.
      Charles Finney believed that it was his own words of persuasion that would convince a man to make a "decision for Christ" and thereby ensure their eternal destiny in heaven. The Bible teaches no such thing.

      Most, if not all, alter call churches teach that it is our responsibility to seek after God and that we must somehow cooperate with the Holy Spirit to have a genuine conversion experience. They teach that it is our "free-will" that is the determining factor as to whether we are saved or not. The Bible teaches no such thing (Rom. 3:10-18; Eph.2:8&9; 1Cor. 4:7; John 1:13). With hundreds of Scriptures that teach that salvation is completely an act of God these three are a good place to start: Rom. 8:28-30; Eph. 1:1-14; and Acts 13:48. What the "free-willers" have done is to de-throne the Lord from His sovereign position as ruler over all His creation and have raised up their own "free-will" as the sovereign, final determining factor in their own salvation. Man's "free-will" is the root of the Arminian heresy, the cardinal doctrine (false doctrine) of the alter call preachers/churches and the down fall of all those who trust their "decision" for Christ in lieu of the Savior Himself.

      If a man can be saved through the sole act of his will, then he has no need of Grace. And if Grace is not found throughout every aspect of salvation, then there is no salvation, the person is still lost, church member or not.

    3. Amen Darrel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Teresa

    4. Well said Darrel-as God's will in your life is all for His glory and honor that HE is so pleased to reveal such beautiful truths in and through you

    5. Darrell,

      Although I wasn't trying to defend a church that preaches a different gospel, it is clear my response shows how I had limited understanding on the Altar Call. I certainly agree with what said and I'll have to study more.

  2. Exactly Darrel...

    How many people believe because they said a sinner's prayer or walked to the altar makes them saved.

    Regeneration is a supernatural work in the heart of a man that only God Almighty can do, not man's free will, chose or decision. Teresa

    1. Absolutely Teresa no such thing as man making the decision-John 1:13 ,"children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God."

      Good word Darrel

  3. choice or not chose....oops

  4. Christ's death was effectual. He did not die hoping someone would "choose" him. God chose those that Christ would die for before the foundation of the world and wrote them in the Lamb's Book of Life. If God is sovreign and in control of all things then this is the only way. If people think that they chose Christ, and the evidence is there that they believe, then they need to know that the only reason they "chose" Christ is that He chose them first. All are born spiritually dead and need to be brought to life before they can make any "choice". It is God who quickens us and brings us to life while we are dead in our transgressions and unable to "choose" Him.
    God chose, Christ came to save those chosen, died to redeem them, and the Holy Spirit is planted in you ,secures you and gives you the faith to believe in the finished work of Christ. So, it is God's plan, Christ implements it, and the Spirit secures it. Salvation is the end result of action of triune God acting in love and mercy. He gets all the GLORY!!!



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