19 March 2013

Chuck Swindoll to Host Concert Featuring Reported Oneness Pentecostal Group Phillips, Craig and Dean

*A version of this article originally appeared here at Christian Research Network.

The controversy surrounding the Elephant Room 2 conference did offer at least one positive outcome: with all of the talk of Modalism, the biblical doctrine of the Trinity once again was propelled into the spotlight. Christians were reminded that they must be able to give an answer for what they believe, and many came to a better understanding of how clearly the doctrine of the Trinity is taught in Scripture.

Many may be surprised and even disappointed, then, to discover that Chuck Swindoll, pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Texas, plans to host a concert featuring the musical group Phillips, Craig and Dean (PCD) on 5 April 2013. This is puzzling because Swindoll has long been respected by some evangelical Christians as a man who is, as Dan Phillips of Pyromaniacs states, "sound and stable on the fundamentals," yet the members of PCD purportedly adhere to Oneness theology.

Concerns regarding PCD and their Oneness Pentecostal beliefs are not new, yet they remain largely unanswered and unaddressed. It seems unwise at best, then, for someone such as Swindoll to elevate and promote this group by inviting them to lead worship at his church. Will evangelical leaders ignore this trio of singing elephants in the middle of the room?

Writing at Pyromaniacs, Dan Phillips, pastor of Copperfield Bible Church in Houston, Texas, wonders, "What possible excuse or explanation can there be for Chuck Swindoll to promote anyone who isn't crystal-clear on the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity?" View Article 

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  1. This is not Mr. Swindoll's first excursion into twitchy territory. It's been a few years back, but he has spoken of the virtues of contemplative prayer trying to lure the unsuspecting followers of his into the dungeon of New Age thought. The biggest mistake anyone could make is to consider such a man as an "errant brother." Errant he is; brother is doubtful because of the rancid fruit displayed on multiple occasions with no repentance from his errors.

    This is just as wrong as is Rob Bell with his "no hell" "love wins" and "rethink Jesus" routine. Or just as wrong as Rick Warren lauding the pope of Rome. Both have proven themselves to be heretics and have no business claiming to be a blood bought brother in Christ. Swindoll is on the fast track for the same consideration and unless he repents will also garner for himself the dubious distinction of heretic.

    Real sheep turn away from such foolishness, while real goats promote it as the new christianity.

  2. Call me crazy but I never took Swindoll seriously. Mainly due to his constant emotionalism but also because of something I could not put my finger on but which was a turn off for me...

    ~ Despeville

  3. Despeville, me too! When a baby Christian I would listen to his radio program and even read a book or two. But then....it was like he just didn't feed enough truth, or something? I wanted to go deeper in the scriptures and like you said he stuck with human emotion and psychology and man's reasoning. He tried so hard to be relevant that he ended up sounding more like a Tony Robbins motivational speaker than a pastor. It is interesting that before Osteen was Swindoll. And now Osteen is unashamedly a "Christian" Tony Robbins.

    1. That is because of the truth of John 16:13 Brother.

      ~ Despeville


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