22 February 2013

This 'n' That

Japanese Macaque
It seems I'm a bit short on wit and thoughts worth pondering for a Friday morning. I composed several of these 'monologues' in my head before sitting down to actually type it out, and for whatever reason none of them seem worthy of being elevated to This 'n' That intro status. So I'll take a cue from Proverbs and assume that to refrain from many words today may be an exercise in wisdom.

I do, however, have another lengthy list of links (how's that for alliteration?) for you today. If you live in the Midwest, there's a good chance you're home bound after yesterday's winter storm, so you have no excuse not to read every single link. And if you live in New England and are preparing for the coming onslaught of yet more snow, well, you can save this post and peruse it over the weekend. It'll help you recover from shoveling all of that snow. So, as is the custom around here, pour yourself a piping hot cup of tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Beginning next week, the Grace to You blog will be running a timely critique of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • I've not seen the extremely controversial and blasphemous Saturday Night Live skit that everyone has been talking about all week. I'm pretty confident that I don't want to, nor do I need to see it in order to condemn it.
  • Massachusetts public schools must now allow so-called 'transgender' students to use whichever bathroom they would like. Oh yes, this seems like a totally fool-proof plan.
  • The Unification Church recently held its first mass wedding ceremony since the death of the cult's founder and self-proclaimed messiah.
  • Drum roll please...Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt have started a podcast. If you're thinking to yourself that you already listen to too many podcasts, then may I suggest that it's time to rearrange your podcast priorities? "The Mortification of Spin" is only a bi-weekly bit, so I think you can squeeze it in. 
  • The Cripplegate ran a fantastic 3-part series this week entitled, "Why Reformed Pastors Need Not Be Charismatic." It was a refutation to a recent talk given at the Desiring God conference by pastor Tope Koleoso. Start here at Part 1. Then go here, then here.
  • That brings me to my new favorite Twitter account: Fascinating Pictures. They're responsible for the cute pic above of a Japanese macaque. If you're on Twitter, you'll love following this account.
  • It was big news this week that Justin Bieber endorsed Judah Smith's new book. Just so we have this in writing, if I ever write a book (not that I plan to) and Justin Bieber endorses it, do not let me write anything else ever. Are we clear? Good.
  • Dr. Steve Lawson on the Five Solas of the Reformation:


  1. The Sola Sisters did an excellent, excellent job in their article on food. This coming from a sister in Christ who also is a former Registered Dietitian.

    Here's some adorable gone wrong:


    1. "Adorable gone wrong"...too funny! LOL. Carol

  2. Adding a PS to Sola Sister's article - the same truths apply to so called "natural" vs. "conventional" medicine. There is much unwise/unscriptural thinking in this area in the church as well. What form of medical care we choose doesn't make us one iota more or less sanctified than what another believer chooses. As the Sisters said, the entire WORLD is fallen due to the curse. So a naturopathic herbal extract remedy is as fallen as acetaminophen. We are not to judge one another on such matters.

    That said, there is much new age in the field of medicine today; even in what we call "western" medicine, new age concepts are infiltrating. All Christians need to be vigilant and careful in any medical treatment they seek, exercising discernment.


    1. I agree with you carolyn--great article Sola Sisters.

      For me, I've never, ever had any problems in this area of my life. I grew up very athletic, healthy and just ate what I felt like eating and never thought 2wice about it..

      But, I can see how one could possibly practice a form of asceticism thinking that if they eat healthier foods that they are somehow more spiritual than others or pleasing the Lord or gaining his favor whereas those who are not eating healthier foods are somehow less spiritual and not pleasing the Lord. It's simply not true. Now you may be blessed in that you're taking better care of your body but it adds NOTHING to the righteousness of Christ in our lives.

      Certainly as Christians, we admit that physical discipline is needed in our lives along with healthy eating... But there seems to be a disconnect with Many Christians not understanding the difference until they blend together:

      Paul wrote in (1 Tim. 4:8)that “Physical training is of some value,”

      Paul disciplined his own body and kept it under control (1 Cor. 9:27). So, there is a place in our Christian lives for (proper care of our bodies) but Paul also knew that it was (no substitute) to victory over sin and temptations in our lives and NOR is there any connection between such disciplines and holiness.

      If we deliberately abstain from something such as certain foods or drink to keep from hurting a weaker Christian (Rom. 14:13), that is
      one thing. But we must not say that our abstinence makes us any more spiritual and nor does it solve wrong desires-NOR are we earning any favoritism from the Lord -(Rom. 14:13)

      The only other problem I've seen are when Christians have wanted to abstain from eating things like -Lays potato chips because they supported homosexuality. Or when Lamb was sent to be sold after it had been dedicated to Allah.

      These are important issues. But again Paul addresses these issues. Some Christians have weak consciences and some of us don't. Those of us who know that God has made all things when we ask him to bless our food and we thank him for it, it's blessed by HIM to the nourishment of our bodies.. We know that a idol or false god is nothing... It is GOD who purifies it~

    2. AMEN Linda!



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