01 February 2013

This 'n' That

Well, I took a lot more flak for my post about polytheism than I ever could have anticipated. I'm beginning to think that the teaching of the existence of multiple gods, lesser deities, is far more common than most of us would have thought. What a demonstration of how subtle and seductive are Satan's deceptions.

This is why we must be in the Word daily. We cannot grow in knowledge and discernment simply by attending church for 90 minutes on Sunday. Even to skim our way through our 'Bible in a Year' reading plan is not sufficient. Don't misunderstand—I'm not knocking reading plans, I follow one myself. But what Christians—every Christian—must be engaged in regularly is careful study of His Word. Dear ones, as the world grows darker, and as the visible church becomes dim along with it, you will find more and more that you must be equipped with knowledge of the truth—His truth. Husbands, lead your wives in this. Parents, teach your children. And as through prayer, diligence and study you grow and learn, you will find yourself immensely blessed not just by an increase of knowledge, but by an increasing desire to serve your Lord and by a continually growing love for your Savior.

With that, and as you struggle, like me, to accept the fact that it is already February, please enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Dr. David James has been one of the leading critics of The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. James just revealed that Cahn and his publisher, Charisma House, are threatening him with a lawsuit.
  • Everybody's all upset about the pastor who wrote a rude message to her waitress on her Applebee's receipt: "I give God 10%, why should you get 18%?" What I find amusing is that this wasn't even a pastor. Sure, she calls herself a pastor, but according to God's Word, she's not.
  • Chicago has some of the country's strictest gun laws. It also has one of the highest homicide rates and is coming off of its bloodiest January in over 10 years. So, tell me again how those proposed new gun laws are going to make everything better?
  • The Cripplegate shares four responses to the persecution that inevitably will come to America.
  • 82 year-old Jim Nabors, who played Gomer Pyle on The Andy Griffith Show, has married his long-time gay partner. I'm not sure anybody is really surprised at the news that Nabors is homosexual, but how sad is it that this elderly man is so devastatingly lost and depraved?
  • Speaking of cats, it's a little unnerving to this cat lover that some people are getting all wigged out over how many rodents and birds cats kill.
  • Because some of us remember the 90s all too well.
  • Only Ahmadinejad would celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day by calling for the destruction of Israel. Again.
  • And maybe after the service we could go grab a nice bowl of dirt.
  • If I caught my kid dancing like this he'd be getting a stern talking to, for starters.
  • To all the non-cat people (I'm looking at you, dog and bunny lovers), I'm sorry, but there were just so many adorable cats in the news this week. Check out this little guy who was born without any bones in his front legs. He doesn't seem to notice, though—God takes care of His creatures!
  • The infamous 'Paris Fashion Week' still can't compete with this year's 'Parish Fashion Week'. That's right, clergy on the catwalk!
  • Did you ever wonder what happened to Oreo O's cereal? Or Jell-O pudding pops (those were amazingly yummy, weren't they)? What about the Carnation breakfast bar? Well, sadly, we'll never see those beloved snacks again.
  • Ah, the vending machine. It's always so difficult to decide. M&Ms? A granola bar? Those peanut butter crackers that are really stale because nobody ever chooses them? How about birth control?
  • A father in Canada is fighting for his right to be the final authority in his children's education. Why? Because the school board intends to introduce an explicit sex-ed program that will detail for his children, among other things, gay marriage. This father simply requested that he be notified ahead of time when such instruction would take place so that his children could opt out, and he was denied on the grounds that it is a "human rights issue." What? And parents, don't be na├»ve, this is coming to America.
  • A true knowledge of the true God:


  1. Speaking of the One True God. I am doing a really good bible study on this that was written by Paul Washer. I highly recommend it. God is the greatest One that we could ever study. You can order it from Amazon for $5.25! Buy one for yourself and one for a friend!

  2. Hey dear lady! Bravo and kuddos for taking flak on the behalf of Christ, the Truth and Son and THE ONLY GOD! Chris Rosebrough did such a great job reviewing this blasphemy. I'm grieved that so many "Christians" are buying into this. Guess it's easier to believe a lie than to wrestle with and accept the TRUTH, to stay in our prison cell of deception than to walk into the light. God help us! I'm reading Eric Ludy's book, "The Bravehearted Gospel", which challenges us to look at the TRUTH about God and Jesus and true Christianity. Makes my soul squirm to find an "out", but at the same time, makes me yearn for a life willing to stand up or die for the TRUTH!! Keep on fighting the good fight, Jane

  3. Speaking of "nonsense statement(s)" associated with the name R.C. Sproul, what do you think of Junior's tweet earlier this week, starting that birth control was "sexual bulimia?"

    1. Hey SMG,

      Let's please keep comments on topic (per the Comment Policy), i.e., let's discuss the contents of the post. I know this tweet has been discussed at length at some of the survivor blogs. Instead of sidetracking this comment string, let's let anyone who wants to discuss this do so at those sites.


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