24 February 2013

Sunday Morning Praise

Abide with Me


  1. NO ONE is like the lowly Jesus. He is always faithful, kind, forgiving and our ever-present Helper. Always, the Lord remains faithful to His Holy Name and His name is so Wonderful. There IS no shadow of turning with Thee.

    Thanks for the song EBenz

  2. No disrespect to the many good and Godly worship bands however, I don't need nor rely on a band to make me "feel" like I'm in the presence of God. I KNOW I'm in God's presence and in HIS will when I'm taking care of the orphans and widows and whoever else God puts in my path. Whether it's to lend a helping hand, to pray with, or to share the Gospel. (TRUE Signs and Wonders ....of HIS GREAT LOVE, and get this ... we are allowed to share it with others) Please pray and spend time in 2 Peter 1 "Peace be with you all"


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