06 February 2013

NoCo90: God Told Me...

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  1. I understand what he's saying but I don't agree with him. Sorry, but I know what happened to me moments before I was saved. I also know when I have had guidance or "impressions" (although rare) from the Holy Spirit who is a person... Can I prove it? No. But can anyone prove anything 100%? nope.
    There is a big difference in those who conjure up and seek to hear a voice from God and those of us who do not.

    I have great respect for someone who is {{carefully}} weighing in on this issue. Too many Christians (sincere Christians) are having a knee jerk reaction to "voices" not realizing that as they are warning people and (rightfully so) of the rife false practices that are infiltrating the church, at the same time they are unwittingly hurting those of us who have had something happen in our lives and have not sought such false practices.

    1. Linda,
      would you be willing to share what happened shortly before you were saved?

    2. "I understand what he's saying but I don't agree with him. Sorry, but I know what happened to me moments before I was saved. I also know when I have had guidance or "impressions" (although rare) from the Holy Spirit who is a person... Can I prove it? No. But can anyone prove anything 100%? nope. "

      Linda are you not falling for the same subjective-relativistic error as many who teach error. Truth is not subjective but objective, is external from ourselves and our experiences and in the Word of God a la Sola scriptura. The question I have is not your impressions but can your impressions from the Holy Sprint be tested by the Word of God. The Holy Spirit will not contradict his Word revealed to the Prophets and the Apostles in Scripture.

    3. Linda, I think I understand what you are saying. Maybe you had an experience (voice or impression) similar to John MacArthur:


      (As MacA recounts a car accident he experienced, after being ejected from a vehicle at 75mph:)

      "But I got on the side of that highway and I just heard a voice in my heart and it said, "John MacArthur, I want your life, this is God." It was just that simple, I just kept hearing, "I know, God, You did it to me, You want my life." I said, "Okay, God, that's sign enough. I accept that. I can't fight it.""

      From your posts I have only seen that you are very serious minded toward God. From what I've seen, all your posts have been spot on and scriptural. I get no impression that you are seeking subjectivism or false experiences in lieu of the written word of God.


  2. Bragging rights. It's all about bragging rights. "God spoke audibly to me, doesn't He speak to you, too?" "I've heard His voice three times." "He called my name." "He asked me questions." Just a few of the things that have fallen out of the mouths who claim to 'hear His voice.' Wow! What about the poor smucks who never 'hear His voice?' Are they a lesser breed of Christian because they have never 'heard His voice?' That's the idea conveyed. The whole "hearing a word from God thing" is basic spiritual elite-ism, formed in the pride of the heart, glorifies the hearer only, is not based on the Word of God, and ends up being-hopefully unknowingly-a slap to face of the Lord Jesus. Heb. 1:1-4

    Read the Word.

  3. Thanks carolyn for sharing.

    Anonymous 10:09am-although you're anonymous you seem to be weighing in on this issue and gentle like Jesus~

    I'll be glad to share:

    Let me say this up front, throughout my whole life before I was saved, GOD was always so far, far away somewhere out there in space to me even though I went to church.

    --- I was having all these problems in my marriage and I knew divorce was wrong but didn't know what to do. So, for some reason when I was looking in the phone book for a lawyer this strange fear gripped me and I was drawn to my Bible to see what God had to say. My Bible had been on the shelf for years. I don't know why I would be concerned about God's opinion about all this, but I was. After reading God's word about wives being submissive-I tried to do it and I could NOT. I was so repulsed by it and became so abject with my whole life. A week or so later, I was in my kitchen weighing my whole life knowing I could not live and do what God's word said to do. This is when I heard (not audibly) but more like this deep impression in my heart --> "why don't you give my son a chance"? Right then for the first time in my life I saw how unworthy I was and how ugly I had been to Jesus. At first I could not because I KNEW I did not deserve Jesus. Then a minute or 2 later I heard the same impression "voice" again in my heart say the same thing. This time I saw that I had nothing to loose NOTHING and well,,I could give God myself if He would have me.

    I took up the offer bowed my knee and when I came up I was aware of a person with me and in me-it was JESUS and this flood of JOY and love in my heart I've never known before and this peace that really does pass all understanding was guarding my mind.

    I didn't seek a voice to speak to me again. I sought to KNOW the ONE who Saved me and broke the prison doors and set me free from the torment I was in all my life. I wanted to know Jesus and the only way to get to know Jesus was to read my bible. I began to read the New Testament and then even a MORE amazing thing happened -the passage in Matthew 5:6 came alive by the illumination of the Holy Spirit. THAT right there caused me to imbibe the Word of GOD. I became so excited about God's word WAY more than hearing a voice.

    1. Linda, praise the Lord for your testimony! Thanks for sharing, Carol

  4. Linda, I share Carol's sentiments.

    For the record, I believe there's a world of difference between what MacArthur and Linda have experienced (not seeking any false experiences, both grounded believers) vs. the sign/wonder/miracle chasing / "I hear God's voice every day" purveyors of false practices, who base their lives on experiences, and not on the word of God.

    Darrel - I understand your concern! Though I know you no believer is a poor smuck, none is a lesser breed, no matter what anyone says or implies - all born from above are fully accepted in the Beloved. :) Even those of His who unfortunately may be struggling with spiritual pride.


  5. Exactly and that's my whole point. There IS a difference.

    When one thinks all the way back to the moments or even days or events that happened before they were saved, did they not have some kind of nudge, fear, impression or burden? Did they have some kind of conviction? Every single time there's one common factor that shows us it's genuine Salvation-the word of God not the experience itself. But the word of God does not nullify the drawing of the Holy Spirit falling upon us and the Word of God does not say there is no truth outside of Scripture. If it did then 1+1=2 would not be true.

    I listened to one person who was strangely drawn to God's word by simply reading a bumper sticker that said "Real men love Jesus". That person had an impression laid on them outside the word of God. They were "feeling" something like a burden or a drawing or maybe some fear that gripped them.

    I listened to Marcia Montenegro's testimony the other day and she had some supernatural impressions drawing her before she was saved. She could not explain them. Something outside of God's word was clearly happening. She said she had a burden that would not leave her alone to go to a church and it wouldn't go away.

    Anyways, I know that NOCO90 is only meant for 90 seconds. But really there are better, more effective ways to showing the error of mystical practices than what is displayed in this video.


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