12 February 2013

No Compromise Ever: Episode 2

Mike Abendroth, James White, Phil Johnson and Carl Trueman discuss the importance of Sola Scriptura, especially in a day when mysticism continues to gain popularity within the visible church.

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  1. This is a wonderful video. I wouldn't say I agree with them on every issue 100%

    What I call an impression, or a burden they call providence. Ostensibly, we are talking about the same thing as I listened to James White describe an example in his life. I've had a few times in my life like this as well.

    other than semantics, WE desperately need to expose the dangerous practices of mystical experiences over doctrine that is infiltrating our churches through people like Beth Moore and others. The enticement and even delicious idea of hearing "God's voice" or having a "vision" are mere deceptions and lies. It is not to be toyed with, played with, or entertained--2 Cor.10:5. It is very much like lust--if not stopped immediately people will drift and it will have its way until they drown in the "sea of subjectivity".

    We need to point people back to Sola Scriptura!
    What did Jesus think and how did He view Scripture? Did he go to hear a voice or did he fall back on Scripture? How many times did Jesus say "it is written, or "Is it not written", or "as it is written" or "it is also written"?? Many times... Jesus had a HIGH view of Scripture and we should as well-Matthew 4:4. Jesus lived his life in total submission to the word of God as Final Authority and we should as well.

    Use the ()xxxx]{::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> of the Spirit!!

  2. This video is so good. I have tremendous respect for all these men. Thanks for posting. Does anyone know if there will be another episode?

  3. Man I've been waiting anxiously for this! I respect these men and their love for the church and truth of God's Word.

    I couldn't help chuckling near the end where Mike Abendroth said, "The show is entitled 'No Compromise Radio'" instead of No Compromise Ever. I guess radio habits are just drilled into his brain!


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