14 February 2013

Harvest Bible Chapel's Live Prayer Forum: "Ban by Username Instead of by IP"

On 10 February, Harvest Bible Chapel kicked off its 'Week of Prayer.' This year participants can enjoy several live stream options, including a chat room forum where people may speak with a Harvest pastor live anytime from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm. The video announcements shared at this past weekend's services offer more details:

As was noted in the video, Harvest Bible Chapel is "really excited to exercise this pillar of our church." HBC operates under four pillars, one of which is:
Indeed, prayer is a vital necessity of the Christian life, and to pray alongside fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is a grand privilege. Yet, something curious can be spotted in the video above. At about 47 seconds in, a screenshot is shown of the website and of the live "prayer forum" that will be available.

It may help to zoom in just a bit closer:

It seems that Pastor Dan Plantz, who is Pastor of Family Ministries at Harvest's Rolling Meadows campus, is learning how best to ban someone from the prayer chat room and the "prayer wall."

To be sure, every live forum needs some form of moderation. Considering, however, that Harvest and its pastor, James MacDonald, do not deal well with critics or criticism, perhaps this wasn't the wisest screen shot to share in the church-wide announcements. 

So, Harvest attendees may seek out prayer if they dare, it seems. Though it may be wise to refrain from any mention of T.D. Jakes or catapults.

HT: An HBCer with a keen and quick eye.

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  1. Turning on and banning criticism has been the "unseen" fifth pillar of Harvest since its' inception.

  2. LOL That is so like Harvest. I am tempted to test your theory with a post that includes the dreaded catapult.

  3. Ha! You should! :) This culture of "banning" and "blocking" makes the "You Are Loved" at the end seem "canned".

    1. The "You Are Loved" tagline is such phoney baloney at Harvest that I almost choke when I hear it.

  4. The bloated ship that is Harvest Bible Chapel continues to sink. Their Director of Women's Ministry is now promoting a book by Christine Caine.


  5. You are loved, except when you find yourself on a catapult. :0)



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