27 February 2013

Emerging Church Leader Tony Jones Discusses 'A Better Atonement'

*This article originally appeared here at Christian Research Network.

The doctrine of penal substitutionary atonement is made quite clear in Scripture and has been affirmed by Christians throughout church history. In a recent interview with Drew Sumrall of The Harvest Show, emerging church leader and author Tony Jones, in typical postmodern fashion, seeks to question and redefine this core tenet of the Christian faith. During the interview, Jones and Sumrall discuss Jones' newest ebook, A Better Atonement: Beyond the Depraved Doctrine of Original Sin. Jones claims that the idea of the penal substitutionary atonement is a modern one that "began with Anselm in the Middle Ages" and that the first 1,000 years of church history knew nothing of the doctrine of the atonement as most Christians understand it today.

Below, Christian apologist and host of Fighting for the Faith, Chris Rosebrough, addresses the bold and erroneous claims of Jones:

Tony Jones is not the first to deny or question the atonement of Jesus Christ. Most recently, gay-affirming "evangelical punk preacher" Jay Bakker acknowledged in an interview with the Christian Post that he is "definitely questioning the atonement and trying to discover how we can see it in a different way."

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  1. We live in an age of unlimited supply of trifling clowns and habitual dingbat liars posing as "scholars" , "theologians" and "pastors". The only reason these oafish impostors have some kind of platform is that the supply of ignorant and uneducated and incredibly gullible is even bigger. Enter the mega "church" and mega moony spin for myth dependent.

    ~ Despeville

  2. I have to ask Tony Jones, what color is the sky in your world?

    There is one thing that Chris said that I question. He made a statement basically saying that the bible does not say why the shedding of blood is necessary..

    I could be wrong but the bible does say that "For the life of a creature is in the blood,,,"-Lev.17:11a.

    and also in - Psalm 49: 7-9 "No man can redeem the life of another or give to God a ransom for him the ransom for a life is costly, no payment is ever enough that he should live on forever and not see decay.

    Does this not answer why?

    I mean our blood is contaminated with sin and the moment we committed our first sin we forfeited our rights to life. Jesus' shedding of His blood redeems us because His blood is sinless royal blood that pays back to redeem our life.

  3. Regarding this Inane Jones...

    "The only thing I want from a banker is a calendar
    and the only thing I want from a lawyer is for them to be back in their coffin before the sun comes up.”

    ~ Barbarians at the Gate (Columbia Picture Television, 1993)

    To paraphrase this... The only thing I want from a clueless liberal is to read more real books and the only thing I want from a inane heretic is to repent from his mindless shenanigans along with their white washed mega church before the sun of righteousness raises up again.

    ~ Despeville


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