18 January 2013

Underground at the Code Orange Revival

We learned earlier this week that Steven Furtick had decided to bring back his Code Orange Revival for 2013. This time, however, he's taken it 'underground,' making the event invitation-only for leaders of Elevation Church:
The first of eight events scheduled throughout the year occurred on 15 January, and a quick glance at the Twitter hashtag #CodeOrangeUnderground offers plenty of details into the evening's activities:
None of these pictures compare to video of the event, however, and thanks to one Code Orange Underground attendee, we can take a peek into some of the dancing that is pictured above:

I'm sure the Apostles would have liked to hire aerialists at Pentecost, too, but I suspect such entertainers were in short supply back then. Of course, this video ought not surprise us, especially if we remember Elevation's Code Orange Christmas Dance of the past.
For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. (2 Timothy 4:3–4)
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  1. What I can't figure out Erin is why I continue to be amazed at the nonsense that comes out of Elevation Church. Unbelievable!

    What really gets my goad though are the hundreds of well-meaning, sincere people who are being led astray by this whack-job. Lord have mercy on them.

    1. Not only are the people in this particular church being led astray but look at all the "pastors" who want to bring this type of goofiness to their own churches for the sake of "growth"........lights, camera, drama, ENTERTAINMENT!

      I am watching it take place in a church that my wife and I were a part of for 20+ years. We had to leave about 3 years ago after God graciously saved both of us and opened our eyes to the truth of Scripture...(Isn't it sad that a couple would sit in a church for that long and play the religious game with their souls?? Wow, God is gracious, INDEED!) Then we were able to discern the encroachment of what we would later learn was the emergent church and contemplative spirituality. We have family that still attend there and haven't the foggiest idea what is happening and will not listen to us at all (because we are not as biblically intelligent as they are) and will not leave.

      These "pastors" are gonna pay a high price one of these days......as will the people who follow them.

  2. I believe Furtick is using the same model, marketing principles and strategies of Rick Warren. Music sells, entertainment sells. Just sprinkle a smattering of Jesus and God's word out of context full of narcissism here and there and people love it.

    What I see is not a Church at all, it's not even Christian. It looks like I just turned on my TV to watch Hollywood.

  3. This video shows nothing but glitzy goat entertainment. Goats love that, they love to get high on tangible and then love even better to be willfully duped to believe that it was really intangible in the end...


  4. Does this intro prepare hearts to worship the God of the universe or themselves? Unbelievable.


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