11 January 2013

This 'n' That

Since my post earlier today was a bit severe, let's keep this lighthearted, shall we? In my driving years, I've had the unfortunate opportunity to experience some of the most poorly devised and designed systems of roadways imaginable. For quite awhile I assumed that Western Pennsylvania was by far the worst in this regard until I recently found myself bombarded with roundabouts. Yes, roundabouts. If you don't know what the roundabout is, consider yourself immensely blessed, and then check out this clip from National Lampoon's European Vacation (I do not recommend the rest of the movie). It is my contention that the man who invented the roundabout should be forced to circle one non-stop for the remainder of his living days.

I approach an intersection. I need to turn left. Instead, I am forced to wait for scads of oncoming traffic before I can enter into the circular fray, essentially turning right, then circle a big piece of concrete to ultimately achieve my goal of "turning" left. How does this make sense? The argument is that this design betters traffic flow, but anyone who has ever been stuck waiting and waiting and waiting to jump into the great circular herd knows otherwise. Roundabouts are particularly life-threatening in the winter, when ice covers the ground. Think about it: circles and ice. Not normally a pleasant combination.

Ah, well, I suppose there is little that can be done to stop the roundabout madness, so let's just circle back to what matters and please, enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • The president is going to take the inaugural oath on a stack of historic Bibles. I'll let you go ahead and write your own punchline.
  • Remember when Rick Warren was taping a few episodes of Oprah's Lifeclass a couple of months ago? Well, they're finally airing on television (a good reason to cancel your cable if you ask me).
  • Looking for a Bible reading plan for your children?
  • I used to work for a company that designed and built churches, especially big, fancy relevant churches with bookstores and coffee kiosks. Today, the club and coffeehouse atmosphere is still drawing people to the church building. Too bad they aren't being drawn by the preaching of the Word.
  • The students of Sandy Hook Elementary returned to school late last week, and were welcomed by Lutheran 'comfort dogs', as opposed, I'm assuming, to Presbyterian comfort dogs.
  • DNBS is honored to have been included in 'The Seven' this week at the Dead Pastors Society blog.
  • 'Abba,' 'Daddy,' it's all the same...or is it?
  • Illegal immigrants can now obtain a drivers license in Illinois. The reasoning behind this absolutely eludes me.
  • Diet soda has been linked to all kinds of bad things. Now we can add depression to that list.
  • How can you tell if you've been born again?


  1. Who is Bill Johnson?

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Johnson_%28pastor%29

    1. Thanks, Mike. I had never heard of him and now I know why.

  3. I live in Spain, and it took quite a while to get used to roundabouts. After years of driving and observation, I've come to the conclusion that they're great - sometimes. As you mention, ice and circles don't mix, so bad idea for cold regions. However, in relatively low-traffic areas, they really are much more effective at keeping things moving than stop signs/lights. There's no need for several cars that arrive at the intersection at the same time to come to a full stop. So when traffic starts to pick up in an area, it's not a bad idea. (Obviously this requires some good civil engineers to study an area well first. Yeah, doesn't always happen!)

    There is a breaking-point though, when an intersection gains enough traffic volume for the roundabout to be a severe hindrance and even a safety concern. Gotta love that adrenaline rush required to finally dart out into a horde of cars comin' at you pell-mell. Spain's solution when this happens? Add stoplights at every half- or quarter-turn of the circle (!) [scratches head in disbelief] How's THAT for efficiency?

  4. EBenz, On the "what would Jesus wear"-He's holding up a hand with 2 fingers down. I've seen this before. What does it mean? I know it's not Christian.

  5. On Don Green's sermon: I would be hard pressed to find one thing wrong with THAT sermon!! Now that is good teaching.
    Thanks for posting that, Erin. He is my second favorite next to Pastor Jim McClarty over at salvationbygrace.org.
    The internet can be a good thing.

  6. thanks for posting that sermon. I've been having a hard time with my (supposed) walk with christ...so many extreme ups and downs and i'm really trying to figure out if I'm truly saved or not. I heard a MacArthur sermon about it but I felt it almost didn't answer the question clearly for me. Anyway, i'll be sharing this with my brother. He says he is saved and we both grew up in the church but he does not show fruit at all. I want both of us to be sure. Once again thanks for posting the sermon. God bless.


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