04 January 2013

This 'n' That

Well, thank you all very much. You've made me out to be a liar.

It's okay, I know you didn't do it intentionally. I'm sure that after some time in prayer, and a few batches of "I'm sorry" cookies, I'll be able to forgive you. You're wondering what you did, aren't you?

Last week I was asked whether the majority of the correspondence I receive regarding this blog was positive or negative. Let's face it, in today's world, it's the folks with a complaint who usually are the noisiest. So I responded that I do receive a lot of negative reactions, primarily because people who agree with something tend to stay quieter on the subject. Now, I know that there are several readers here who regularly express your support—thank you. But many of the comments I receive (many of which don't make it to publication because they violate one or all points of the Comment Policy) are, well, unkind. I have been called everything under the sun. 'Pharisee' and 'hater' are the most predictable, but other interesting ones appear from time to time. My point: people with an injured sacred cow are not shy about expressing their discontent, and they usually do so by, um, lovingly(?) calling me a hater.

Yet, this week I was made out to be a liar when I received an overwhelmingly positive response to the article, "Jesus Culture and Judah Smith to Join Piper, Moore, Chan and Other's at Giglio's Passion 2013." I expected an hefty helping of 'haterade' (I can't pull off that seeker-driven lingo, can I?) but instead was greatly encouraged not only by the positive feedback, but by those who were thankful for the information because it made them think and reconsider their admiration for some of these people. This encouragement was a gift from God and He used my readers, new and old, so thank you.

Nevertheless, I fully expect that the coming days and weeks will find me receiving my fair share of critical emails. Once Passion 2013 concludes, the kids in attendance will go home and Google the event to see what kind of an impact they supposedly made. They will stumble upon my blog, and they will condemn me to Hell for daring to question this great move of God. At this point, I will no longer be a liar.

Okay, enough of this. Let's get down to the business at hand. It's Friday. It's a new year and many of you may be like me in that the snow in your yard is showing no signs of melting anytime soon. That means you have every excuse to pour yourself a cup of tea while you sit back and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • On yesterday's episode of Worldview Weekend, Chris Rosebrough and Brannon Howse had a fruitful discussion regarding the dangers of Passion 2013. They'll be addressing more on today's show, so stay tuned.
  • Chris took time during his Fighting for the Faith show again yesterday to look at more problems with Passion 2013.
  • Pyromaniacs is bringing back their 'Best of Phil' posts because Phil Johnson is allegedly still absent from the Internet. I saw him tweet the other day, though, so he's still in the cyber-building.
  • So, a judge isn't sure if he can grant a divorce in the case of a woman and her husband who really is a woman. Um, you know, if we would all just stick with the gender God made us, then we wouldn't have these problems.
  • Only in California can you see a life-size, radio-controlled Superman flying around the beach. No wonder I miss that place.
  • Les Miserables has been a big hit at the box office. I haven't seen it because I'm not a particular fan of musicals or movies or wasting $15 to sit in the dark in a dirty seat while my feet get stuck to the floor. Promotion for the film was targeting Christians, and it looks like it worked
  • This is an interesting read on one man's experience at the Christmas service at Kerry Shook's seeker-driven gathering, Woodlands Church.
  • Seems like this ban on adoptions from Russia will hit evangelical Christians pretty hard.
  • Speaking of Israel, a Muslim Brotherhood official says it will be wiped out within a decade. Yeah, good luck with that.
  • I haven't watched this yet, but Elizabeth Prata has posted a movie about Charles Spurgeon. Looks like a good way to spend a Friday evening.
  • While we're linking to Elizabeth's blog, I liked the bit of theological math she did here.
  • The Indian government is keeping tabs on astrologers and witchcraft practitioners. Eh, not a bad idea. Oh, wait, they're doing it to cut down on fake astrologers. Ah, right, because we wouldn't want the real astrologers to lose any business.
  • Gary Gilley's 2011 article on the Social Gospel is worth reading.
  • Speaking of pizza, Domino's was granted an injunction against the HHS contraceptive mandate. Anyone else wondering why Hobby Lobby is the only one not getting a break on this?
  • So what have you done with your Christmas present? This kid found a WWII bomb with his.
  • Ken Ham writes about another shocking perversion of Scripture by BioLogos.
  • This is the message that every student attending Passion 2013 really needs to hear:


  1. Thank you, thank you for getting the word out about Passion/Worship Together and Louie Giglio. I stopped trusting them years ago. Anyone who wants to take the powerful hymns and change them by adding a back beat and removing the most powerful verses and put in a terrible chorus is flat out emergent.

    For at least three years I have tried to warn my friends both young and old about Passion. Thank you for putting out more information that I can give them.

    I have been praying that Passion would be exposed for the wolf that is in sheep's clothing. I am sharing all the articles I read about Passion through you and other apologetic sites on facebook

    Keep contending for the Faith

    PS I agree they all need to see the Paul Washer sermon he gave at the youth conference.

  2. Hmmm....BioLogos...Hasn't Tim Keller been associated with that group. Doesn't he think that creationism and evolution can work side by side?
    I may be wrong. Anyone??

  3. Yes Tim Keller is associatied with Biologos he is also associated with Ray Choong who believes and teaches that Adam and Eve came from pre-humans or hominids.

    The following is a biologos article by Keller.

    For more on Tim Keller.
    This is a book review of Keller's book Generous Justice

    (The person who started the City of Deception blog, is a former member of Keller's church and left because of focus on contemplative prayer.)

    On another note, the movie about Spurgeon is excellent, I learned about it about a year ago from the Once Upon A Cross blog and have watched it quite a few times.


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