06 January 2013

Sunday Morning Praise

Great Is Thy Faithfulness


  1. I have tears that fill my eyes when I think of God's faithfulness in my life especially over the years where I have been so unfaithful to him. I just don't know what I'd DO if it were not for God's faithfulness!... He has saved me from the snares of this evil wicked heart of mine and his tenderness with HIS GREAT Faithfulness has softened my heart to be more faithful to HIM and repent of the divided heart I have had...

    Thank you EBenz for this most powerful attribute of our awesome and most loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for posting.

  3. My favorite hymn. I just pray none of these worship leader goofballs jazz it up with a dance beat which is what I see happening at our church. They take a beautiful old hymn and then turn it into a dance tune.

  4. I love this hymn. I agree with anon 1/6 8:42pm, it actually bothers me too when worship leaders feel the need to add a strong beat, particularly a backbeat, to these beautiful old hymns. I also notice, it changes the way people sing the hymn... and not for the better.

    Erin, you and another poster mentioned a short while back Handel's Messiah as a good start point for believers to begin to learn discernment about holy and authentic worship music. I wholeheartedly agree. Many believers today - self included - have been cheated of a rich heritage of glorious worship music, especially hymnody and sacred songs, of which I am just becoming acquainted. Not to say that some contemporary artists don't go to great lengths to produce doctrinally sound and musically appropriate worship music, because they do. But that seems to be the rare exception.

    When the criticism comes, take heart, I used to be a naysayer, with all the usual arguments that "all worship music is the same and is acceptable to God". Over time, God used some mature believers to instruct me otherwise. Music itself is a language, and is not neutral. The church best soon understand that.



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