08 January 2013

Louie Giglio to Deliver Benediction at Presidential Inauguration

**Update 10 January 2013: As of today, Louie Giglio has withdrawn his acceptance to offer the benediction at the inaugural ceremonies. An official statement can be found here.

The Washington Post reports that Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta and founder of the Passion conferences, has been selected to deliver the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration on 21 January. Said Giglio in a statement:
It is my privilege to have the opportunity to lead our nation in prayer at the upcoming inauguration in Washington, DC. During these days it is essential for our nation to stand together as one. And, as always, it is the right time to humble ourselves before our Maker. (Source)
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  1. Wondering, what a wonderful opportunity to call this nation to repentance before the One True God, Jesus Christ. What an opportunity to bring the Gospel to Obama, telling him of the saving grace of God that is found only in the Lord Jesus. What a day it would be for Obama to fall on his knees and cry out for forgiveness and mercy because he had sinned against the Living God. Yes, what a day indeed!!! But will Mr. Giglio actually do such a thing? His track record in such matters stinks, with 60,000 screaming college kids and all he can do his elevate himself and his ill-gotten social agenda. It makes one wonder if he even knows what the Gospel is all about. This will doubtless be viewed by most if not all of those in attendance as a validation of his "ministry" and a vendication against those of us who oppose him. As the spirit of antichrist runs rampant in Washington, it is only fitting that the Atlanta branch be included in the up coming festivities.

    Inspite of all of Giglio's lies and deceptions our Lord still rescues His chosen ones from the grip of satan and delivers them into His glorious kingdom.

    May it please our Lord to continue to expose the evil and glorify His Name.

  2. First Rick Warren and now Gigliio. I knew that the Passion Conference methods had to have stemmed from PDL. After reading Elizabeth Prata's last post over at The End Time blog, I thought that it all seemed familiar. Berit Kjos has articles over at Crossroads that can show how one of their methods would be to indoctrinate young people. It all makes sense.Everything is leading to a one world religion. Lack of good exegetical teaching from the pulpit contributes. Rick Warren doesn't like Bible study and without it, people can be deceived into believing in a different Jesus, a Jesus that welcomes getting along for the sake of deeds, instead of believing the only creed, The Gospel! Rick Warren says he is a Christian but is guilty of hegelian dialectic(saying one thing and then cancelling it out with another statement). So people are whipped into frenzies with music, supposed visions, experience and feelings instead of the doctrines of the Bible and they believe in what they feel instead of the facts.


  3. I have this odd thought that the inauguation after this may be led by Hillsong's Brian Houston :)

  4. No he's not. He wouldn't cave from the biblical stand on homosexuality so he stepped down or was ousted. Maybe praying for the man would be the godly thing to do. "Discern" that.

  5. The article on Lou Giglio is over at watch.org, listed under Latest News.
    In the interview, he said,"My aim the last 15 years has been to call people to ultimate significance as we make much of Jesus Christ". Can someone "discern" what that means?? Anyone....maybe Jan.10 anonymous can?
    I do agree praying would be a good thing. Not just for Mr. Giglio but for those who are being mislead.



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