17 January 2013

Ignorance of the Bible Is the Root of All Error

Does any one ask me, 'What is the best safeguard against false doctrine?' I answer in one word, 'The Bible: the Bible regularly read, regularly prayed over, regularly studied.' We must go back to the old prescription of our Master: 'Search the Scriptures' (John 5:39). If we want a weapon to wield against the devices of Satan, there is nothing like 'the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.' But to wield it successfully, we must read it habitually, diligently, intelligently, and prayerfully. This is a point on which, I fear, many fail. In an age of hurry and bustle, few read their Bibles as much as they should. More books perhaps are read than ever, but less of the one Book which makes man wise unto salvation. Rome and neology could never have made such havoc in the church in the last fifty years if there had not been a most superficial knowledge of the Scriptures throughout the land. A Bible-reading laity is the strength of a church....

If we would not be carried about by 'diverse and strange doctrines,' we must remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ: 'Search the Scriptures.' Ignorance of the Bible is the root of all error. Knowledge of the Bible is the best antidote against modern heresies.

— J.C. Ryle, Warnings to the Churches, (Banner of Truth Trust: 2007), 77–79.

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  1. 2 Timothy 2:15


  2. This is so true. Sigh.

  3. Unfortunately, false prophets read it too. They distort it, take Scripture out of context, and declare they have heard from God.
    Even Christians argue about what it says. We must study it in context, understanding it by seeing who each book is directed to, not spiritualizing it unless it states that it is to be allegorized, etc.Keeping Israel and the Church separate helps. There is so much to be understood about understanding it before we even study the first book and chapter.
    We must use Scripture to interpret Scripture. And pray and pray that God will give us correct understanding. And God willing, He will.


  4. Scripture does not interpret itself. God gave the gift to interpret Scripture to the Church. It fits, she canonized the Bible.

    Private interpretation of Scripture is heresy. It's fruit is error and division. If you can't read Latin, read the English translation of the
    first Bible, the Latin Vulgate. Read the Douay-Rheims Bible, it is a word
    for word translation of the Vulgate. The footnotes will help you with
    tough verses. Helps you understand why the Church teaches what she does.



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