01 December 2012

The Influence of Christian Mystics Morton Kelsey and John Wimber on The Alpha Course

The Alpha Course can be found in 169 countries with nearly 19 million people having attended over the years. It is advertised as a non-threatening, non-confrontational approach to evangelism. Alpha swept across the UK with great fervor years ago and continues to gain popularity worldwide. It is not without its critics, however, as CRN has demonstrated in the articles, “The Alpha Course Receives Praise from Moody Radio’s Janet Parshall,” and “The Ecumenical Compromise of The Alpha Course.”

In a recent teleconference with leaders of The Alpha Course entitled, “Handling the Healing Night,” Jeff Kirby, who is a Teaching Pastor at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas and who has been involved with Alpha as a leader for 17 years, discussed the nuances of and offered advice for the Alpha Course Healing Night. This event typically occurs during Alpha’s Holy Spirit Weekend, and apparently at times brings with it questions and even anxiety from leaders and participants alike.

Christian Research Network shares a brief clip from this teleconference as a means of providing insight into some of the teachings that are influencing The Alpha Course and its leader, Nicky Gumbel. CRN then examines two authors who, as evidenced by this audio clip, are highly recommended by The Alpha Course. These two authors, Morton Kelsey and John Wimber, espouse unbiblical and mystical teachings. With the influence of The Alpha Course continuing to grow around the world, this ought to raise a great deal of concern with the Christian.  Continue reading →

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