03 December 2012

The Grandest Fact Under Heaven

The grandest fact under heaven is this—that Christ by His precious blood does actually put away sin, and that God, for Christ’s sake, dealing with men on terms of divine mercy, forgives the guilty and justifies them, not according to anything that He sees in them, or foresees will be in them, but according to the riches of His mercy which lie in His own heart. This we have preached, do preach, and will preach as long as we live. “It is God that justifieth”—that justifieth the ungodly; He is not ashamed of doing it, nor are we of preaching it.

— Charles Spurgeon, All of Grace. 

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1 comment:

  1. Oh, that the full reality of this would soak into my thick skull and cold heart. Then would the praise due my Savior flow freely from my lips as humility and gratitude overwhelmed me.


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