28 December 2012

Joel Osteen Shares the Secret to Ensuring that God Will 'Take Care' of Critics

Book, chapter and verse please, Joel.

Since Osteen himself continues to have his share of critics, this tweet leads me to conclude one of three things:

1. Joel Osteen has not yet fully attained being the best that he can be.

2. Joel is offering a veiled threat that one day God will exact His revenge on all critics everywhere.

3. Joel Osteen and the person running his Twitter account both are full of poppycock.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, but his teeth are so white and he's always smiling. I think that makes it all okay.

    2. You almost made me choke on my Jelly-Belly!

    3. lol, sorry, Glenn! See, that's probably some of God's retribution for criticizing Joel!


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