06 December 2012

'InstaChristmas' with Ed Young, Jr.

It's good to see that Ed Young, Jr. is encouraging the people of Fellowship Church to focus on what really matters this holiday season: Immanuel, God with us Instagram.

Taking a bunch of stupid pictures of yourself and being disillusioned enough to think that other people care—no, that's not narcissistic at all. And, if you share your photo on Twitter and Facebook with #MyInstaChristmas and you could even win prizes!
Wow, I can hardly contain my Christmas cheer.

Here's a novel thought for churches and pastors this December: Preach the Word. Preach Christ. Preach not just His birth, but His perfect life and sacrificial death. Preach His triumphant resurrection. Preach His promised, impending return in power and glory. Because, even if there were no cameras or social media in existence when Christ was born, it's still a far better story than the one told by that picture of you in a Santa hat posing by the over-decorated Christmas tree in Macy's.

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  1. Amen to your "novel thought for churches and pastors..." It is sorely needed in the pulpit today.


  2. Hello EBenz: Would love to invite you to a Fellowship Church Christmas service coming up. You cannot understand what you don't know and that is that Fellowship Church, yes and Ed Young, Jr. and family, have a heart for the lost. Perhaps you do not understand their methods, but, that is why they do what they do. So, instead of questioning their motive...why not check it out for yourself. Many Christmas blessings to you.

    1. Thanks for the invitation, Anonymous, but I think I'll pass. Thanks to the technology of the Internet, I've already heard more than enough of Ed Young's teaching and seen plenty of Fellowship Church's antics to know that both are little better than spiritual poison.

  3. The video would be cute and funny provided it were not attached to a church. The state of the church today in America is very sad. Thx Erin for your hard work!


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