06 December 2012

12-12-12, Parsley and a Prayer Cloth

Now that the U.S. and Russian governments have reassured all that the world will not end on December 21, we can focus on a more important and even closer date: 12-12-12.

Why is this date so crucial? Well, as Word Faith preacher Rod Parsley would have us know,
We are approaching a once-in-a-hundred-years moment... when the calendar reads 12.12.12 ... 12 is God’s number of COMPLETION ... of ORDER ... of SUPERNATURAL BLESSING ... and it can be YOURS! (Source)
You don't want to miss this opportunity for "the blessing of God to be released in your life!" Rod Parsley is doing his part with a "Worldwide Miracle, Healing & Victory Prayer Cloth Service." It will be almost as it was in the days of Paul, apparently:
It will be just like the prayer cloths people used in the days of the Apostle Paul. It’s a point of contact for your faith. Through your prayer cloth, the tangible anointing will be transferred to YOU … to your point of need. This can be your key to your physical healing … emotional healing … financial healing! (Source)
Not only will Parsley be laying prayer cloths on the altar and praying over them so that you may receive them as a "tangible transfer of Holy Spirit power," but he's bringing in the best of the best...Word Faith heretics, that is...to help him. Oh, what an opportunity! Here's Parsley himself with more details:

What a lineup! What an occasion! And you won't get another chance like this for another 100 years! Clearly one would have to be mad to ignore this urgent call to sow a seed and receive the Parsley prayer cloth.

Oh, but how much shall you sow? You heard the man, whatever is "the expression of your faith!" "Make your seed the expression of your expectation." And if you're stingy with your seed, you'll only have yourself to blame. After all, God cannot do His part unless your faith first enables Him. You'll find that "truth" in the Word Faith Heretics Bible, the book of Wolves, Chapter 12, verse 47.

Now, as ridiculous as all of this sounds, the fact remains that such fleecing of the sheep is happening. This is real. People are sending their money to Rod Parsley in the hopes that God will finally decide to bless them, perhaps through this specially "anointed" prayer cloth. It behooves us, then, to remember a very important reality, and that is that Rod Parsley is highly admired and revered by evangelicalism's favorite young, superstar pastor, Steven Furtick.

We already know that Furtick has been mainstreamed and is largely accepted within the visible church. This began to culminate when men like James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel invited Furtick to fill his pulpit, not to mention Furtick's appearance at the now infamous Elephant Room. Liberty University also can be thanked for foisting Furtick onto the younger evangelical scene. Of course, it seems that Steven Furtick has spoken at nearly every megachurch imaginable. And when you're invited to Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit and the Hillsong Conference, then you know you've made it big.

It is clear, then, that Steven Furtick exudes no small influence upon what many perceive to be "Christianity" today. Word Faith heretic Rod Parsley apparently would agree with this, as he is on record as declaring Steven Furtick to be "one of the nation's most influential young leaders." While visiting Furtick at his Elevation Church this past July, Parsley would tweet:

The admiration apparently is mutual, as Steven Furtick believes Rod Parsley to be a "preaching machine":
So just what kind of a "preaching machine" is Rod Parsley? Well, he can be heard here on his television show, Breakthrough, teaching the "Power to Get Wealth." In this video, Parsley teaches his viewers that God desires them to be financially prosperous. He also reveals to them how it is that they may gain this wealth: by sowing a seed to Rod Parsley's ministry. Yes, Parsley encourages viewers to sow a "wealthy place seed" and to give that seed an assignment, just as Jesus had a specific assignment when sent to Earth. Listen as Parsley spins and twists Scripture for his own gain:

Not convinced? Here's more of Parsley's antics:

The true body of Christ best be prepared, because this type of heretical, Word Faith teaching is no longer merely on the fringes of professing Christendom. It is infiltrating and has infiltrated the visible, evangelical church. This New Downgrade continues to plunge ahead, with very little controversy to act as speed bumps along the way.

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  1. The birds are nesting in the branches.

    But the Lord knows who are His...


  2. As per Galatians 1:8-9: they are anathema! Propagating a false, soul-destroying, non-gospel and giving the enemies of Christ cause and ammunition to blaspheme! They are cut off from grace, damned to Hell to be eternally executed by Almighty GOD. Those are hard words, but they are, I believe, Biblical....and I am sick of these false teachers continually being paraded out before the world as authentic! I pray that GOD will destroy their "ministries." I am beginning to better understand the words of Jesus in Luke 18:8 as the Spirit presses the word in on my conscience and I survey the "religious" landscape. The compromise.....the entire "church" culture is sick so no wonder the Nation is under the judicial wrath of GOD. There are not, I repeat, not, many true Christians. Just a fact.

    This is not a rant. This is how all unrepentant false teachers should be viewed in my estimation.


  3. Whata huckster whata charlatan

    It goes both ways Rod Parsley. Why don't you send your money to people so that you will be financially prosperous.

    1. Imagine the spread of wealth if Benny, Creflo and Mike et al sent their best seeds to you and me. There'd be no fiscal cliff for America or financial woes in Oz, where I live.

  4. After watching this circus I realized something about what is happening here. It is a clear case of total Biblical illiteracy. NOWHERE in Scripture do I read about these kinds of spasmotic antics being practiced by true believers but in fact are the gyrations of demon-possessed/influenced people who needed Jesus' deliverance. This Parsley guy is the pied-piper of evil. He has the power over these people to act like fools, grown people who are out of control under the influence of a circus-trainer. How mindless can a person be? My fantasy is that someone or a group of people with courage and a solid knowledge of Holy Scripture (not the Message version) would boldly stand up in one of these events and rebuke this nonsense for what it is. But I fear they would be trampled upon as Jesus puts it, by these swine and dogs.

    Paul writes that when he was a child he thought and behaved as a child. That is what we see here. Spiritually immature adults looking for the buzz that comes with these shows and sadly many, many will go home disallusioned and will never receive their earthly desires and even more sadly will find themselves one day hearing Jesus say, "Depart from me I never knew you."

    It is easy for me to be critical, but I write these words with tears in my eyes as I know it is God's desire that none should perish. I will pray for their immediate deliverance and salvation.



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