29 November 2012

Warren Discusses Homosexuality, Says It's Not a Sin to Love Somebody, "It Might Be a Sin to Have Sex with Them"

Wow, two Rick Warren posts in a row. Well, he is out on a publicity tour this week, so I'm happy to oblige. The following appears here at Christian Research Network:

Rick Warren, author and pastor of Saddleback Church, has in recent days been making the media rounds in promotion of the 10th anniversary of his popular book, The Purpose Driven Life. In an interview with the Huffington Post yesterday, Warren was approached regarding his views on homosexuality. Some are arguing that the megachurch pastor appeared uncertain as to whether homosexual behavior actually is sinful. Continue reading →

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  1. Oh for the love of heaven, this makes me so angry with indignation!!!

    Wax-nosed exegetes like Warren should simply be bold and say, “The Bible is wrong about homosexuality” and God is a liar. Isn't that what Rick is tacitly implying by covering his omission and inhibition with his sweet padded fluffy soft excuses so as to NOT tell the TRUTH and offend people of what God says Homosexuality is? It's clear- it's lucid -it's not hard to open the Bible and see what God says about it. The TRUTH is offensive-let it, it's supposed to be. ,, let the Holy Spirit do HIS JOB-which is to bring conviction, repentance,a new birth, a love for His Word, and a desire to please the Lord.

    Grow a SPINE Rick and stop accommodating the truth to avoid offending people with the Gospel

  2. Every time this guy opens his mouth he adds to his own pending judgment from the One he claims to serve, whether by speaking or not speaking as is the case here. We are told by Jesus in Matt. 7 that we would know them by their fruits. With nothing but rancide, putride and rotten specimens to pick from it is a fair conclusion that this man's soul is in jeopdary of eternal damnation. The really scary part is that there are likely millions who think that RW speaks the truth concerning the Gospel and the Lord Jesus and are comfortable with their own soul's eternal destiny because they have believed his lies.

    There is no example in Scripture or history that shows where the leader of a cult is ever granted repentance and shown mercy through salvation. Cult members have been saved (probably most of the church today was involved in a cult to one degree or another prior to regeneration), but cult leaders have been placed in the 2 Peter 2 catagory. Who knows, maybe some day RW will become a brother in Christ. There is no evidence to support such a conclusion today.

  3. Obviously the words ἐκκαίω ἐν αὐτός ὄρεξις mean jack to the Big Kahuna of Fatheism



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