30 November 2012

This 'n' That

Well, Thanksgiving is over. Black Friday is over. Cyber Monday is long gone. And everyone has redeemed the selfishness of last weekend by participating in 'Giving Tuesday,' right?

It's pretty much not a Christmas carol without the costumes.
All of this can mean only one thing—it's finally acceptable to play Christmas music. Of course, no doubt there are some of you who still will refuse to do so until the calendar hits December. Then there are those of us you who began listening over two weeks ago to your favorite jolly tunes.

This is the only time of year that I turn on the radio in my car or in my house, and then only because the local station is playing Christmas music. Of course, they seem to have a playlist of only 12 songs or so, and more than half of those are atrocious. I mean, 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' Really? Even the guy who wrote that song admits that it's terrible! So why do radio stations foist it upon us each and every year, and then as frequently as once an hour? Don't even get me started on 'Dominic the Donkey' or 'Feliz Navidad.' And I hope that whoever suggested that the Beach Boys record a Christmas album was fired the day after it released. 'Little Saint Nick' is not my idea of a Merry Christmas. But then, who doesn't love hearing Wham!'s 'Last Christmas'?

I know, you're wondering why I even bother with the radio then? Yeah, so am I. Perhaps this explains why I've resorted more to my own iTunes Christmas playlist thus far this year. And no, I am not going to tell you how many songs are on that list.

What I do love about Christmas music, though—the good Christmas music, the Christian hymns and carols that we all love—is that the Gospel is proclaimed, even on secular radio or in the middle of the grocery store. Sure, it's doubtful that people are repenting in droves simply because they heard 'Hark, the Herald Angels Sing' while perusing the cereal shelves, but I don't doubt that, when you and I hear it, we smile. After all, here is a world that loathes Christ, and yet, for the sake of the season, it proclaims Him as King, even if in ignorance. But one day all will bow the knee to Him, and it will not be in ignorance (Phil. 2:9-11). All will acknowledge that Christ is King for all of eternity, whether in Heaven with Him, or whether in agony in Hell. Let us not miss the opportunity to share today with those who are perishing that Christ is Lord.

Oh, and as I'm sure you've guessed, this means that you can prepare for an onslaught of my favorite Christmas carols over the coming weeks. Hey, it's only once a year. And with that, please turn up your favorite Christmas song, sit back, and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • This year's must-have gift: Godbaby.
  • I hate to break it to everyone who is in a tizzy over the new Starbucks drink, but $7 is nothing for those of us who order soy milk by necessity and extra shots of espresso by, well, necessity.
  • The UN now officially recognizes a Palestinian state. The U.S. objected to this, as did Israel. Of course, America no longer holds the authority she once did among the other nations, and has the UN ever liked Israel? No reason to be surprised by this.
  • Worried about the impending December 21 apocalypse? No worries, NASA is here to put your mind at ease. I mean, what else do they have to do these days?
  • I still think the best cup of hot chocolate is the one that you drink in the comfort of your own home, in your jammies and slippers, while curled up with a good book.
  • This guy wants to open a "gay-friendly" mosque in Paris. So...do you think he actually knows what his religion teaches?
  • Steven Furtick is training the church's future. Help.
  • A village in Serbia thinks an ancient vampire may be on the loose. No, really.
  • So...I'm gathering that a "faitheist" is someone who seeks after common ground. Now, where have I heard that before? *cough*Rick Warren*cough*
  • Still trying to use up that iTunes gift card from last Christmas? Why not download some of Todd Bentley's soaking music? So soothing and tranquil, you can't help but be visited by an angel of light.
  • I try not to post videos that I've not had a chance to watch in entirety, but I'm confident that this one, entitled "Church of Tares," is an important one to watch. 

photo credit: andy castro via photopin cc


  1. Hi Erin,

    "Sure, it's doubtful that people are repenting in droves simply because they heard 'Hark, the Herald Angels Sing' while perusing the cereal shelves, but I don't doubt that, when you and I hear it, we smile."

    The occasional worship offerings on the radio at this time of year are, I think, an act of mercy on God's part toward us believers.

    Too bad America didn't make the top 10 list of best places to be born... that's because we don't yet have the above-mentioned perks of Switzerland and Sweden. But we're sure working on it (Minnesota). Maybe next year...

    Thanks for all the adorables, squeeee! Sometimes we get our fix by surfing Craigslist farm&garden listings for people selling LOP BUNNIES!!!

    If the "church of tares" (excellent video, but tough to watch) has anything to do about it, yes the local church will be extinct in 50 years. TOO BAD FOR THEM that Christ will build HIS church!!!


  2. I wouldn't be so quick to say that Charles Stanley is a Mystic. I've heard God speak to me on very rare occasions. The first time was moments before He saved me. God clearly spoke to me to trust in His Son when I was not even seeking Him. He was the furthest from my mind.

    Take Roger Montgomery whom you've had in a video on here who was interviewed by John Ankerberg. Roger has had the same happen to him as I have in the way Christ approached him and spoke to him also.

    "Roger Montgomery: Jesus Christ quite literally introduced Himself to me—not in a physical form—I didn't see Him standing in front of me—but He spoke to me in a very clear, very audible way and convinced me that I was a sinner, and that if I would come to Him as a sinner and receive forgiveness of that sin, that I could have a brand new life"

    So, are we to conclude simply because not every Christian has heard God speak something to them outside of Scripture that we who have are all mystics now? I don't agree with mysticism and one really needs to consider one's background, sin, and how God chooses to approach each and everyone of us.
    If God had come to a person who had a background in mysticism, I doubt very seriously they would ever have come to Christ.

    I came from a totally opposite background than mysticism. So God approaching me was sufficient in me hearing him say something to me as he reached down to me.

    1. Linda,

      The original Christianity Today article that was referenced in this post is entitled, "The Mystic Baptist." That's why the term was used. Also of note is that Stanley did not object to the label when asked about it.

    2. Interesting, I didn't know that Stanley didn't object to the label. That's quite disturbing to me.

      However, I also consider his age. His mind is not as sharp at 80 years old. I don't know that it would be proper to say he is accepting that he is a mystic simply because he didn't reject it outright nor refute it.

      I read the article in "The original Christianity Today article" and I honestly don't see where Charles Stanley has deviated into mysticism with his prayer life.

      The main thing that bothers me some is when any Christian relies on "feeling". We are to imbibe the word of God and live by FAITH.

      Trying to invoke or conjure up the Holy Spirit to speak is what is unbiblical. I don't read that Charles Stanley has done this. I don't see an adoption of unbiblical practices that do not line up with Scripture and a lack of incredulity in his life. I don't see that Charles Stanley has adopted the unbiblical practice called "Lectio Divina neither. I don't see that he has been lulled into this unbiblical state over time through contemplative prayer.

  3. Bentley's supposed conversation with God should have made people run away since the very beginning:

    "'Lord, why can’t I just move in healing and forget talking about all that other stuff?'" He said, 'Because Todd, you got to get the people to believe in the angel.' I said God, 'Why do I want people to believe in the angel, isn't it about getting the people to believe in Jesus?' He said, 'The people already believe in Jesus, but the church doesn't believe in the supernatural.' The church has no problem believing in Jesus, what we don’t believe in is the supernatural. We don’t believe in angels, we don’t believe in the prophetic, we don’t believe in what’s going on, and I’ll tell you what, we need to have an awakening."

  4. "The UN now officially recognizes a Palestinian state."

    As I listened to Jimmy DeYoung's program yesterday with his weekly interviews, David Dolan summed the UN recognition up well:

    This UN vote of the Palestinians having a non state status is very, very dangerous and isn't going to create any peace. This will lead to a major war. Including East Jerusalem was a huge NO NO! That's God's land and they've passed the point of no return.

    summed up- David Dolan stated: "the PEACE Process as the Israelis are saying that could create it and the Oslo peace accords strictly forbids either party-either the Israelis nor the Palestinians from taking unilateral action that would have the effect of checkmating the other. The Palestinians have thrown it in the trash right now and are taking this unilateral action through the UN and the Israelis are not very impressed and it's certainly not going to help. AS Susan Rice said "this really sets back attempts to bring a final peace negotiation. WAR. In Sept. of last year Benyamin Netanyahu said that if they take unilateral steps and thereby break the peace treaty which is what the Palestinians have done then Israel is free from any obligations as well. Meaning it can take a unilateral step and many Israelis would like to see an annexation of Judea and Sumeria."


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