02 November 2012

This 'n' That

Ah, another Friday. And just think, by the time you're reading next week's This 'n' That, those of us here in America will know who will be our next president.

In the midst of all this turmoil, be it personal, national or global, do you take rest in the truth of the immutability of the Lord Jesus Christ? Our leaders come and go and fail us mightily. Friends are fickle and family wounds run deeper than any other, but Jesus Christ, His power and His promises do not change (Heb. 13:8). As Charles Spurgeon once preached:
Christ Jesus preaches to-day the same as when he preached upon the mount; he hath not changed his doctrines; men may ridicule and laugh, but still they stand the same—semper idem written upon every one of them. They shall not be removed or altered. Let the Christian remember that this is equally true of the promises. Let the sinner remember this is just as true of the threatenings. Let us each recollect that not one word can be added to this Sacred Book, nor one letter taken away from it; for as Christ Jesus is yet the same, so is his Gospel, the same yesterday, to-day and for ever. (Charles Spurgeon, The Immutability of Christ)
Whatever happens on Tuesday, then, those of us who are citizens of a greater Kingdom can rest in the knowledge that we shall one day find ourselves in His perfect presence forever. What a day of rejoicing that will be. (Oh, and be warned that I will not let the election issue take over the comment thread, so comment on something else, please.)

Now, pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • The Los Angeles Daily News has endorsed Mitt Romney. In 2008 they (not surprisingly) endorsed Obama. Ouch, that's gotta hurt.
  • Seven weeks ago, 4 Americans died in a well-planned military attack in Benghazi. By now, it's clear that *someone* has been lying to us for those seven weeks. There's so much that's been swept under the rug that the rug is no longer touching the floor.
  • Here are 1.6 million votes that are wasted. Jesus is not running for president of the United States. I'm pretty sure He already has a gig as King of the universe.
  • Sovereign Grace Ministries released an updated statement regarding the lawsuit against them.
  • Who knew that God was busy matchmaking and telling football players where to go to college? I dare you to read this article without rolling your eyes or chuckling. This is a perfect example of just how absurd we sound when we (mis)use the "God told me" and "God placed it on my heart" language.
  • The Schullers are in court for bankruptcy, seeking $5 million. I love the logic used here: "Schuller is not "merely a garden variety pastor, like thousands of others across the country," attorney Carl Grumer wrote in court documents....When President Clinton invited him to breakfast at the White House in 1997, Schuller shared his favorite verse from the Book of Isaiah. That evening, Clinton used the verse in his State of the Union address "and publicly thanked me for providing it to him," Schuller wrote in a court declaration filed Oct. 7." Ah, yes. That makes it okay, then.
  • Growing up, I think I always had my nose in a book. I loved to read. That's why this story makes me so sad: children are so used to being glued to a screen that they no longer have the attention span—or the desire—to read or be read to.
  • The only constellation I've ever been able to locate and recognize is the Big Dipper. Or maybe it's the Little Dipper. I don't know, one of the Dippers. Anyway, some other constellations are supposed to be very visible right now, so enjoy.
  • This is exactly what family dinners were like in my house growing up. (Yes, you heard that sarcasm correctly.) 
  • "Our call ought to be not so much, 'Come and hear So-and-so preach Christ,' but rather, 'Come and hear Christ preached.'" The free offer of the Gospel.
  • Roman Catholic or Protestant? You should listen to this episode of No Compromise Radio.
  • A Call to Commitment:


  1. Well, I'm not voting at all for either candidate. I would stand on Romans 14 with all Christians whatever they decide.

    My greatest fear is if Mr Romney is elected he will do to the spiritual side of this country what Obama has done to the economic side of this country. I do believe that Obama was a wake up call for us to repent and we didn't. I don't know what the mechanism will be or what shape it will take but Romney being President will be worse spiritually for this nation. Basic biblical truths of Christianity for biblical Christians will not bode well with Romney. It will bode well for organizational churchanity in the short term. For many Christians their fear is misplaced-in the wrong place..

    Amos 5:19 "It will be as though a man fled from a lion only to meet a bear, as though he entered his house and rested his hand on the wall only to have a snake bite him."

    History: "Founder of Mormonism Joseph Smith actually ran for president himself in 1844. However, from that time until now, the entire Protestant church has stood firm, unanimously agreeing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a bona fide cult and Christians should not endorse them. Not a single major Christian leader has publicly backed down from that position. That is, until now."

    1. I agree with you Linda and in fact have been telling the same to my Christian brothers who look with such a hope to Romney. The world and this nation is being judged by having the alternative between evil president and evil president.

    2. We do not live in a theocracy. Your religious freedom has already been undermined by your current president. He has no respect for the Constitution, probably the only document that protects your religious freedom. Your lack of vote will be a vote for what has already been proven to be based on lies. Your non-vote is a vote. No matter, God is sovreign and in control and He sets up and takes down kings, and leaders for His purpose.

  2. Okay, I've made 3 exceptions to my statement above that the topic of the election would not be allowed to hijack the comment thread. So I get the last word on the subject, and with that last word, I'll recommend reading this short post. Bottom line, neither candidate is ideal, no candidate in any race has ever been ideal. This particular election seems more divisive than most, so please, whatever side of the conservative aisle you're on, do not let your feelings about this subject blur your focus, which should be on Jesus Christ and proclaiming forgiveness of sins and salvation through faith in Him.

  3. Final word on the election issue (because it's my blog and I can break my own rules). I really don't care who you vote for or whether you vote at all. I personally have heard every argument on every side. I don't think any of them are convincing beyond all doubt and further discussion. I merely provided links as I always do to interesting articles, and I in no way intended or desired for a conversation to ensue about who is right or wrong and whether we should or should not vote. There are plenty of blog posts out there that were written with that intent, so please, go comment on those. I will not be approving anymore comments that are politically charged. We have bigger things with which to concern ourselves, and more important things to do than rehash the same arguments over and over again. So if you wish to write a lengthy diatribe on why you are or are not voting, and why you think my inferences in this post are right or wrong, by all means, go ahead. Just know that it will not be published.

    1. I Love you in Christ Erin! I respect your decision

  4. Grateful for your blog and all the valuable information you pass on. I,too, have heard all the arguments regarding the upcoming election and have settled for myself what I intend to do on Tuesday. I agree that we need to keep our focus on Christ and proclaiming Him to a world that is in desperate need of forgiveness of sins and salvation through faith in Him. And what is far more consuming to me than the election is the state of the American church, beginning with my own where my pastor is being unmasked as a tyrant, a lover of money, and an exploiter of the congregation. That is what is keeping me in tears and on my knees.

    Thanks for all your hard work. Keep it up.

  5. "A Colorado church thinks that "good sex can save our nation."

    To focus on sex especially in a Christian marriage is devastating to say the least. For it's not what solves our problems of being satiated spiritually. THIS is a Spiritual problem not a sexual problem. Yes, God created sex (to be within marriage)> Yes, we are to enjoy one another (husband and wife) as God blesses the marriage bed. But this is not where our focus is to be at all. All this is doing is imprisoning Christian people back to being slaves to sin just like Balaam did

    In my thinking before I was saved I was very sensual. When Jesus set me free from my sins, one of the most freeing truths and realities was that I no longer was imprisoned by Sex plaguing me. It’s the most joyful satisfying and highest virtue. The highest value and worth in our lives as Christians is fully met when the Lord fills us up with His love and His joy and His Truth. His love is subliminal and supreme beyond the temporary physical pleasures of sex. There’s the serenity of being filled with wonder like a little child and that innocence and purity is so refreshing, freeing and NEW.

  6. face yoga?? Why not just eat a lemon.


    reminds me of facial tics


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