07 November 2012

The World's Propitiation

This past Spring, Pastor Don Green became pastor of Truth Community Fellowship in the Cincinnati area. He decided to begin his time with his new congregation by walking verse-by-verse through the book of 1 John. When I asked Pastor Green why he settled on 1 John, he replied in part that he wanted to "clarify the nature of true Christianity as we started our new church." Indeed, every church must be built upon a true and right understanding of the Gospel—it is the only foundation worth building on.

In the following two sermons, Pastor Green teaches through 1 John 2:1, 2, opening up the amazing doctrines of propitiation and atonement. I encourage you to listen to these closely.

Pastor Green's sermons can be heard online here or here. You also may follow my Vimeo channel, as I will be uploading videos on a (nearly) weekly basis.

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  1. Still listening but,,

    Excellent teachings and foundations laid for Pastor Green's Church.. All Solid from the word of God!

    1. Glad you're enjoying it, Linda. I have been greatly blessed by Pastor Green's teaching and the way in which he opens up the Word of God.

  2. okay, this was a Wow-very profound teaching. When Pastor Green expounded on the word (world)in its context, in light of Scripture,, I've learned so much I never known before~it makes perfect sense. He rightly divides the word of God

    I'm in agreement with the deep truths he brings out that sadly we have lost. False teachings and the traditions of men have really gutted the reality we have in how amazing our GOD is. False teachings have also stolen the glory and honor that belongs to GOD alone.. The Cross has a much deeper truth that we as Christians can rest IN. Christ died for ME and knew all my sins and still paid for them --ALL of them. This is a great encouragement as a Christian. Christians don't have to live defeated or believing the lie that somehow God is mad because we failed him.. We have Christ right now-every moment of our lives interceding..

    I hope many Christians will listen to this with a teachable heart and be set FREE

  3. Thank you for posting! This made it so clear and easy to understand. I have been studying and listening to messages on this very topic, but this by far, was the most laid out in simple terms. Wow...great teaching.
    I have been taught falsely(sp) for many years and in my deep desire to find His truth....He has so graciously provided. Not only through this, but others as well, and He has pulled me out of a "seeker sensitive", charismatic system to His truth. This has been one topic I was still having trouble grasping...a great resource and will be downloading to share with many.

  4. Our brother is so very correct! This is the part of the Gospel that has been deleted from most teaching because it does not allow for man to have a part in the saving of his soul. Even the faux reform crowd who claim to be "Calvinists" except for the part on particular redemption have fallen prey to this insidious insulting doctrine that robs the Lord Jesus of the glory due His Name and His work. Jesus Christ died for specific individuals whose names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life from before the foundation of the earth. His death was NOT to make salvation possible, but to make it an iron-clad certainty for those that He chose. When the New Testament is read with this fact in mind one will find hundreds of Scriptures that teach precisely this. When it is read with some idea other than the total sovereignty of God in the salvation of man you get the notion that your will had an integral and indespensible part in your "salvation"-nothing could be further from the truth. For those who insist on their "free-will" being part of "God's plan" of salvation, you have believed a lie-a lie that has been around ever since Cain murdered Abel. Not only do you not know how God saves men, but you really do not know the God who is doing the saving. The real God of creation will never subordinate Himself to the idol of a human "free-will" in order to grant admission to His heaven for anyone. This is exactly what the idol of "free-will" demands.

    There are at least three books that will help those who wish to understand who our God really is and how He saves men:
    The Sovereignty of God A W Pink
    Justification and Regeneration Charles Leiter
    The Death of Death in the Death of Christ John Owen
    Owen's book has a forward by J I Packer that is book worthy of itself. Owen completely dismantles, destroys and removes all doubt as to the notion of man's involvement in his salvation. He exalts Christ on every page, he is specific in his rebuttals of false doctrines, and leaves the reader with this question: "how could any one in their right mind believe that they had anything to do with becoming a child of the King?"

    Brother Don Green is yet another example of God's faithful men who are not silenced by the foolishness of wicked men.


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