01 November 2012

"Mini Me" Rick Warren Joins 16,000 Others at Saddleback's Third Annual Blocktober Event

An estimated 16,000 people from across Orange County showed up yesterday evening at Saddleback Church's third annual 'Blocktober' Halloween event. The Orange County Register provides more details:
Church officials estimated that, by 7 p.m., 16,000 people from across Orange County had taken part in Halloween revelry that spread corner-to-corner across the 120-acre Lake Forest campus. As kids collected candy, visitors checked out more than 10 food trucks, a climbing gym, zip lines, obstacle courses and giant bounce houses. Jurassic Parties put on a reptile show complete with tarantulas, snakes and an alligator.
"It's a sense of community," said Rick Warren, pastor of the megachurch. "Not everyone is from Saddleback Church. There are people here from all over Orange County. I've met pastors here from other churches. This is a kids' night that's safe and fun. Everyone is still a kid."
Of Warren's appeal to 'community' as justification for the event, Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries writes:
As usual Rick Warren offered his justification calling this soiree “a sense of community.” He also did so via a series of tweets on his Twitter account:
Here Warren actually sounds a lot like e.g. Emerging Church “pastor” Doug Pagitt; but to be fair, the evil influence of the Emergent Church is now very deeply embedded within all of evangelicalism itself.
Yes, there’s an element of truth; however, no one is saying we can’t proclaim Jesus anytime. We’re saying these pragmatic events where this “love” is supposedly demonstrated won’t lead anyone to Christ without the Gospel.
Later Rick Warren would tweet along the same idea:
Again, the type of straw man we’d hear out of EC leaders circa 1998. I can also say kids remember fun but that’s no guarantee that they’ll listen to the Gospel; especially when repentance and forgiveness in Jesus’ Name is absent.
The OC Register story continues:
Warren sat and took photos with kids in their costumes. He said he'd thought about dressing up as Iron Man but decided kids might not want a photo with him in that disguise. (Source)
Well, move over, Santa Claus. Yes, that's right—Rick Warren presumed that more children would want their picture taken with him just being himself than with him in a costume of a Marvel comic superhero. This is the stuff of celebrities.

In fact, children not only wanted their picture taken with the real Rick Warren, they also wanted to demonstrate their affection for the Purpose-Driven pastor by emulating him in costume, as Warren himself so humbly shared today:
Now we must ask ourselves a question which we likely never could have anticipated: what is more dangerous, our children worshiping, lauding and celebrating sports figures, actors and musicians, or our children glorifying celebrity pastors who twist and distort God's Word?

These days, it is not only God's Word that is being abused and twisted. It is not only the Scriptures that at times are being distorted beyond recognition. The face of Christianity, the visible church, has become  warped because of the prevalence of erroneous and false teaching within it. Unfortunately, a world at enmity with God is watching, and it is watching with glee.

Dear Christian, we are in a time when it is crucial to remain in the Word and necessary to stand strong and sure on that Word when it is being abused. The days in which we live necessitate that our children are learning from the very beginning the truths contained in Scripture. They are not too young to learn and if they are not taught, then allow your mind to wander for a moment and imagine what the world will be like in 20 years when a generation of "mini me" Rick Warrens are leading the church, clutching their copies of The Purpose Driven Life while their Bibles gather dust on the shelf.

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  1. Fortunately, the "true" church, the Body of Christ, is doing just fine. God elected those He chose to save before the foundation of the world. So we know that the elect will survive the onslaught of the apostate church.But for the grace of God there go I and all believers. God is longsuffering, not willing that any of the chosen would fail to come to repentance and be saved. We, the believers, are saved by GRACE, thru faith, that faith being a gift of God, without which we would not believe. He does it all! We are secure in the Beloved. Now that is Good News!

  2. Well, Sadly I'm sure Rick Warren didn't have to wear a Costume since he naturally fits in as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Baaaa, what's this bleating of the SHEEP I hear? Warren is shearing the sheep for slaughter


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