11 November 2012

Caine, Moore and Bevere Teach Thessaloniki Women at 'Be the Change' Conference

Earlier this week, on 9 and 10 November, a multitude of women gathered in Thessaloniki, Greece to learn how to "Be the Change" with speakers Beth Moore, Christine Caine and Lisa Bevere. These three women, especially Caine, were abuzz on Twitter throughout the event, letting those who were not in attendance know just what they were missing. Be the Change is described as:
Yet, knowing what we do about some of these speakers, one is left wondering just what was taught to this large gathering of women. Just what type of change did they learn to be?

For popular SBC Bible teacher Beth Moore, the adventure began even before the conference, as she entered the local headquarters of friend Christine Caine's A21 Campaign and discovered that the girls there were studying her "Breaking Free" materials:
Moore has been discussed at length here and at other reputable online apologetic and discernment sites such as Apprising Ministries. Not only is her participation in the Passion 2012 conference wherein she and others engaged in a type of "Lectio Divina-lite" concerning, but it has been demonstrated in the past that Moore has seemingly endorsed contemplative practices and other dangerous resources such as the book, Jesus Calling.

In posts such as Beth Moore the Mystic, pastor-teacher Ken Silva also has revealed that Moore claims to receive direct revelation from God. Perhaps not coincidentally, then, in her 2002 teaching series, the Southern Baptist Bible teacher explains that she does not hold to cessationism which, according to her is an "extreme teaching in the Body of Christ:"

We got a lot of things going in our current religious culture. And we’ve got two extremes I want to address tonight so that we can understand them. First of all I want you to look over to this side. We have the religious culture of the extreme that I’m going to call Cessationism.
Now I’m making up a word with that -ism. But you know the word cessation and it a word that comes from cease. And this particular extreme teaching in the Body of Christ says all miracles have ceased. For all practical purposes, God no longer works miracles in our day. Now most of them still believe that He will in the end of times.
But most of their stands, and I need to tell you something, I have served all over this spectrum. And I have very good friends and people I love very, very much who stand exactly right here. This was much of my early teaching. In so many ways, much of what they taught me I still live on every single day of my life.
It is truth to me that there is one place where it goes that I cannot go with it and that is to the extreme of miracles have ceased. That’s what we’re calling for our practical purposes, Cessationism.
And, though Moore has said that she had "no idea" that one would be labeled a mystic if "you felt God had spoken something specific to you," one's eyebrows certainly must raise when she is heard teaching ideas such as the following:

Partial Transcript: 
What God began to say to me about five years ago, and I’m telling you it sent me on such a trek with Him, that my head is still whirling over it. He began to say to me, ‘I’m gonna tell you something right now, Beth, and boy you write this one down, and you say it as often as I give you utterance to say it:"My Bride is paralyzed by unbelief. My Bride is paralyzed by unbelief." And He said, "Startin’ with you.”
to beg to differ with people that are ten times smarter than I am. But I want to say to you I see something different than that. I see God doing something huge in the body of Christ.
I do not know why I have had the privilege to get to travel around, see one church after another…one group of believers after another, interdenominationally, all over this country, but I have gotten to see something that I think is huge.
And I’ll also suggest to you I am not the only one. And tonight I’m going to do my absolute best to illustrate to you something that God showed me out on that back porch. He put a picture…I’ve explained to you before I am a very visual person…so He speaks to me very often of putting a picture in my head.
And it was as if I was raised up looking down on a community, as I saw the Church in that particular dimension- certainly not all dimensions, not even in many, but in what we will discuss tonight, the church, as Jesus sees it, in a particular dimension.”
Note that Moore above claimed that she had been shown the church "as Jesus sees it." What is additionally disturbing, then is that Moore apparently thinks that God has shown her that the apostate Roman Catholic Church is part of the true Church.

It seems highly unlikely that God would contradict Himself and include within the true Body of Christ a church that teaches a false gospel of works righteousness. Thus, Moore's claims of visions and revelation must be deemed as misunderstood and/or false.

Nevertheless, it seems as though Moore made quite an impact at the Be the Change conference as Lisa Bevere would tweet:
And Christine Caine would share:

Like Beth Moore, Christine Caine has been discussed at length on this blog and others. We recently wondered if perhaps God is telling Christine Caine secrets that she is not to share with others. It also has been demonstrated that Caine has apparent disregard for the biblical admonition against women preachers, as she has joyfully taught weekend services at such megachurches as Steven Furtick's Elevation Church and, most recently, Rick Warren's Saddleback Church in California.

Christine Caine has revealed that she has been influenced by some of America's most spurious female Bible teachers. She has called Sheryl Brady of The Potter's House North Dallas, "flat-out the best chick PREACHER of the word!"
As was documented in Vice-Prelate T.D. Jakes to Speak at 'Holy Convocation' of Oneness Pentecostal Organization, Brady is considered by Word Faith heretic T.D. Jakes to be one of his "spiritual daughters." Perhaps it is preaching like this that Caine finds so electrifying and Jakes finds so praiseworthy:

As concerning as Brady's influence may be, of even greater interest is that Christine Caine claims that popular Word Faith teacher Joyce Meyer is her "spiritual mother." In September of this year, Caine was preparing her message for the annual Joyce Meyers Ministries Love Life women's conference and would tweet:

Joyce Meyer teaches such common Word Faith doctrines as the power of words and the idea that men are "little gods." Her influence over Christine Caine, then, is concerning at best if not demonstrably dangerous. Indeed, as apologist Chris Rosebrough has revealed through a critique of Caine's Code Orange Revival sermon, Christine Caine is a woman who is adept at mishandling the Word of God.

What, then, of the third mentioned Be the Change speaker, Lisa Bevere? Little has been said on this site of Bevere and her husband, John. It was noted, however, that John Bevere was a featured speaker, along with young megachurch pastor Steven Furtick, at the Presence Conference held earlier this year, and hosted by Phil Pringle of C3 Church in Australia.

Lisa and John Bevere are the founders of Messengers International (MI) which,
exists to help individuals, families, churches, and nations realize and experience the transforming power of God’s Word. This realization will result in lives empowered, communities transformed, and a dynamic response to the injustices plaguing our world. (Source)
According to the MI website, "The ministry began with a mandate to see nations transformed by the power of God’s Word." One necessarily presumes that this so-called "mandate" must have been given by "God" Himself, if it was powerful enough to spur the Beveres into creating an entire ministry. Unfortunately, we learn little of how doctrinally sound is this ministry, as its Statement of Faith appears to consist only of the following:
Lisa Bevere is the author of such books as Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World, The True Measure Of A Woman: Discover Your Intrinsic Value and See Yourself as God Does, and Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry: Why Women Lose When We Give In. We learn more about Bevere from this video posted on her own YouTube channel:

Note some of the interesting claims and teachings Bevere espouses:
It's your time. It's time for the gift of God in your life to come forth. It's time for the things that you have in your life to be released. Father, I speak to the gifts. I speak to the talents. I speak to the anointing. I speak to what you have given them to steward. I speak release. I bless these hands, Father, with the power of dominion.
Dominion? What does Lisa Bevere mean when she says this? Perhaps this clip will help us to understand.

Bevere appears here to mishandle Luke 19:10, wherein Jesus says, "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost." This verse concludes the story of the conversion of Zacchaeus, and in the broader context, it is evident that Jesus Christ is declaring not only what becomes the theme of Luke's gospel, but what is the purpose of Christ's incarnation and ministry: to save lost sinners. Of this verse, Dr. John MacArthur notes:
Verse 10 states THE most blessed truth, no truth more wondrous, more beneficial than this one. This is at the very heart of the existence of the universe. God actually created the universe so that in the universe He could create the Earth so that on the earth He could create the human race so that out of the human race He could seek and save lost sinners...this for His own everlasting joy and glory. This is what it's all about. What's going on on Earth is not incidental in the infinity of this universe, it is the focal point of this entire universe. It is true that the vast and infinite heavens declare the glory of God and the rest of the creation shows His handiwork, and that all together collectively it manifests His mighty power and Godhead.
So when you ask the question, "Why is the universe here? And why is the Earth here? And why is the human race here?" The answer is so that God might for His own eternal joy and glory seek and save lost sinners. This again reminds us that God is by nature a saving God.
Later in this same sermon, Bevere claims to receive a message directly from the Holy Spirit. Divine, personal prophecy? It seems as though Lisa Bevere's Bible may not end with Revelation 22:21.

We've not heard what Bevere specifically taught this week in Thessaloniki, but according to Christine Caine, the perky speaker spoke "powerful & prophetic words into this region."

Prophetic words? Divine, extrabiblical revelation? We can only wonder.

We ask then, exactly what type of teaching was shared this past week at Be the Change? We can only surmise, but according to speaker Beth Moore, the conference was a genuine "move of God."

Apparently, at the conclusion of this event, many women streamed to the front of the auditorium to "receive Jesus."
It actually grieves us to realize that the question must be asked: which Jesus did they receive?


  1. Quite a comprehensive overview. Thank you!

    I'd like to specifically note that Lisa Bevere's husband John, whom you named, is the author of the heretical book, 'Under Cover: The Promise of Protection Under His Authority'. The good folks at GotQuestions.org/Blogos wrote of that book,

    "Lies Under Cover"
    Should believers allow pastors to rule over them? This posting is part 2 in an 8 part series about deception in the church addressing the Under Cover book by John Bevere, its teaching, its origination, why it is wrong, and its impact on the church."

    The book has given license to many pastors to forge ahead with an old fashioned Phariseeism, which we know was oppressive and abusive.

    Thank you for highlighting the Beveres here. They are dangerous in my opinion.

  2. I don't know Lisa Bevere but she sounds like she has picked up on some C. Peter Wagner. She flits on Dominion from the fall in Genesis like Mr. Wagner does and contorts it to mean-taking back the dominion which to them is what the Gospel is actually all about. Their whole premise is false and their whole theology is built on that one word... It's demonic, occultic and quite a dangerous movement

    The GOSPEL is at the forefront of Christ's message for people to know the good news and be SAVED from their SINS. Notice how Ms. Bevere dismissed heaven and hell like it's not that big of a deal?

    As far as cessationism,, I believe Beth Moore is correct. I do not believe the bible teaches that the gifts have ceased. I DO believe the Sign Gifts that ushered in Jesus as the promised Messiah have because God used those specifically for fulfilling bible prophecy.

    If miracles have ceased then we'd have to dismiss Charles Hadden Spurgeon who was used for a short time by God in praying for people who were miraculously healed. There are respectable people on both sides of this issue. ¿¿¿¿????

    Bob DeWaay is another respectable teacher who is also a continualist -I'm in harmony with Bob DeWaay.

    As far as Beth Moore with her "Be the Change" conference,, the Bible clearly says

    "My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: [and] meddle not with them that are given to change:"-Proverbs 24:21 KJV

  3. Unadulterated charlatanry with blasphemous assertion of it to God...

    1. Despeville,I agree with you. What I'm against are the hyper-cessationists who say no miracles occur anymore.

      To make a fair and balanced assessment for the cessationists position--John MacArthur even states that: "Cessationism then does not deny the reality that God can do whatever He wants whenever He wants (Psalm 115:3). It does not put God into a box or limit His sovereign prerogative."--I agree

      also here's a great piece "Spurgeon on hearing the voice of God" by Jim Osman-http://www.kootenaichurch.org/articles-pdf/voice_of_God/Hearing-The-Voice-Of-God-Part-10-Spurgeon-On-Hearing-God's-Voice.pdf

      out of all that I've read, I don’t think Charles Spurgeon is speaking against the gifts per se although He was probably a cessationist. - it seems he is more fed up with those who abuse the gift (‘hypocrites’). In some ways I would tend to agree with him in light of some of the blatant nonsense I’ve heard attributed to the Holy Spirit!

  4. I had to listen to it twice, but Lisa Devere really does say that WE, as humans, are able to far greater than/above and beyond anything we could ask or imagine. Doesn't Scripture ascribe that ability to Christ? Not to us? These people are truly scary.


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