30 October 2012

Who Is the Real I AM?

Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith writes:
On a recent episode of Oprah’s Life Class, Joel Osteen discussed the topic of I AM. Unfortunately for everyone tuning in they were not introduced to the I AM of the Holy Bible. Instead, they were taught to declare I AM affirmations over their lives and their futures as if their words possessed magical properties that could change their destinies. Not only is this teaching silly and shallow it is also woefully narcissistic and instructs people to trust in themselves rather than the I AM who is revealed in the scripture.
To counter these self-exalting affirmations set forth by Joel Osteen, Rosebrough took time on a recent episode of Fighting for the Faith to teach his listeners about the true I AM as revealed in Scripture. View article →

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  1. I began listening to Chris Rosebrough because I thought his show was funny but I have grown to appreciate his show even more for his excellent teaching.

  2. Jesus expected those He taught to come to a correct conclusion about Him. Jesus even said he taught openly and not in secret--John 18:20 _>not in some esoteric fashion as Oprah and Osteen claim. He spoke in plain language-so plain that even a child could understand. The real litmus test is when Jesus said "Who do you say that I am"? Truth is not a CONCEPT truth is a PERSON-Jesus who IS the Truth.-Jn.14:6

    Oprah is teaching nothing but regurgitated "new age" teachings from centuries old. She's the queen of the new age gurus.. To new agers Christianity and the Only Way to God is the root of the world's problems. But the word of God tells us the truth that the Root of the world's problems is SIN in our hearts and SATAN. These are the 2 (realities) the New Age Movement has conveniently labeled as nonexistent. They deny the truth and deny what Scripture actually teaches. NA's have fallen for the lie that is as old as the Garden where Satan said " "Did God really say, 'You must not eat from any tree in the garden'?"-Genesis 3:1. The premise of The New Agers is based upon Satan the father of LIES questioning the very word of God.
    The only interpretation they find offensive is when we submit to God's word -GOD'S Way TO the Real Lord Jesus Christ of History as Objective Truth and final Authority. New Agers are living in rebellion, still dead in their sins, and refuse to submit themSELF God's WAY through repentance and believing in the God of Scriptures. They hate Final Authority and find it repugnant by continuing to be their own authority-Idolatry. Thus they continue to follow Satan the Father of lies.

    1. New Age is the religion of the end times. In the New Age religion, everyone can agree because all truth is relative and no one is wrong and there is unity, which is their vision of utopia. We, the ones born from above, the true believers, are their only hold outs. We stand for the exclusivity of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible. They don't like that and we will be persecuted for interfering with their creation of utopia.
      Linda, your reply is exactly right!


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