05 October 2012

This 'n' That

As I write this, I am watching Joel Osteen on Oprah's Lifeclass. I've lost count of how many opportunities Osteen has missed to share the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. With each story of heartbreak, despair and disillusionment that is shared, Osteen, as a supposed "Christian" pastor, should be sharing the life-saving Gospel of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone. Of course, he could only do that if he actually believed the true Gospel himself, and he has offered more than ample evidence to indicate that he does not. Instead, Osteen has nodded along as Oprah has affirmed the idea of a god within and has himself spouted the heresy of the creative power of words. The two sit at a table teaching viewers to declare "I Am" statements, yet only God is the great I AM! This is grievous blasphemy at its worst, and if I was not so enraged, I might weep.
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This afternoon, Rick Warren will sit with Oprah Winfrey, no doubt to put his own spin on similar abominable ideas. This morning on Twitter, Warren likened his coming appearance on Oprah's Lifeclass to Paul in the marketplace. Might we expect, then, that Rick Warren will share with the talk show host and her viewers the true Gospel? Can we anticipate that Rick Warren will call Oprah Winfrey to repent of her New Age spirituality? I'm no prophet, but we've yet to see Rick Warren proclaim the biblical Gospel in any of his previous television appearances. If he starts now, well, tap me with a feather and watch me fall.

Okay, I don't want to miss out on any more of this man-centered gobbledy-gook that Oprah and Osteen are spouting, so here's your week in review (kind of):
  • Okay, to offset the "ew" above, here's a big "awww"!
  • I thought perhaps the strange dot on Romney's flag pin at Wednesday's debate was meant to represent Kolob, but I guess not. Whew.
  • Speaking of Romney, he said he'd get rid of PBS. Honestly, I can't believe it took a presidential candidate this long to come up with this fantastic idea. 
  • Al Gore has a theory about the president's poor performance in Wednesday's debate. He blames...no, not global warming...Denver's high altitude
    • For you church history buffs, here's a little information on Peter Waldo. Waldo lived 300 years before the Reformation, and stood against the abominations of Rome.
    • This lesbian is upset that she can't have a baby the way straight people do. Um, take that one up with God, lady. That whole male/female thing is making a little more sense now, isn't it?
    • Words from Sinclair Ferguson in 2008 still ring true; people continue to misrepresent the person and work of Jesus Christ.
    • I love California, but it seems that nearly everyday the state gives me a new reason to be thankful that I don't live there.
    • In a season that has undauntingly unleashed a stream of bigger and greater Scripture-twisting books, Nate Busenitz writes about the true measure of success. (A reward of a job well done goes to the reader who can pick out in the sentence above the references to three recently released books written by some of our favorite seeker-driven pastors.)
    • The Campaign for Immorality: Below, John MacArthur speaks about the outrage of abortion and shares the truth about homosexuality. In these sermons, MacArthur laments that many in America have adopted Romans 1 as their platform and worldview.


    1. I find it increasingly beyond belief that long time members of James Macdonalds empire known as Harvest Bible Chapel, cannot see the forest for the trees that James proudly declares an endorsement for his book " Vertical Church" from a new age wolf sympathizer like Rick Warren who is warmly embraced by the likes of the new age goddess Oprah Winfrey.

      Wolves self-congratulate and provide cover and promotion for each other while hunting.

    2. Thanks for posting a lecture about "Rome's Strategy to Reverse the Reformation". This so neglected now days yet all these mega churches work consciously or not toward the agenda of Roman Religion.

      1. I do wonder if people like Beth Moore even knows that while she espouses and embraces Rome she's doing it under the banner of protestant.
        Anyone who embraces Rome should no longer consider themselves protestant

      2. Linda,

        I wonder about that too. I wonder if she is recruited in some form, way and fashion by Romanists or she is deeply deceived by the spirits operating in and through that religion or perhaps both. Disturbingly, she has so much influence on so many women which then influence with this other "Gospel" their churches and their husbands... The lecture made a very good point and observation at around 35 minutes and that is that Roman Catholicism has indeed much more in common with Islam than with Biblical Christianity.I totally agree with that.

    3. In June 2011 I wrote about an interesting event covered in the Washington Post. It was that an entire Episcopal congregation converted to Catholicism.


      One of the quotes from a lay leader really got me: "He and others at St. Luke’s said they were thrilled to help bridge a spiritual schism that dates back to the 16th-century Protestant Reformation. “It feels fantastic,” Delaney said. “It’s like correcting 500 years of history.”

      To celebrate, the pastor of the congregation ordered a bigger statue of Mary.

      I didn't listen to Mr Gendron's sermon (I can't stream Vimeo) so I'm sorry if he covered that. I see the inexorable pull of congregations inching toward one another into what I predict will be one mass church of Gnostics in the Tribulation. The jettisoning of doctrine that offend and the retention of doctrines that "cross interfaith boundaries" is well underway. When the rapture happens they will be free to have one big happy interfaith reunion...and that makes me so sad!!!!

      1. Elizabeth Prata~

        It really IS sad and makes me so sick at my stomach...We have Protestantism without the reformation here in the USA. Not only that but it is Protestantism that has forgotten what they protested as this man Delaney who like many demonstrate - "cannot tell their right hand from their left"-Jonah 4:11.

        “It feels fantastic,” Delaney said. “It’s like correcting 500 years of history.” Yep Delaney-- all those wonderful Popes had people imprisoned, beaten, tortured and burned during the Inquisition~

        The whorish RCC system is the very height and the distilled essence of Satanic hubris and wickedness for her aim is ever to exalt her throne above that of God Almighty!


        people today don't really wanna protest. Let's not fight over doctrine let's just fight over politics and let's just save America-who cares about lost souls and where they will spend eternity.. As RC Sproul said once "The greatest theologian of the 20th century is Rodney King-"Why can't we just all get along."

        When Martin Luther "recanted" his statements against the Pope, he said: "Previously I said the Pope was the vicar of Christ. I recant! Now I say the Pope is the adversary of Christ and the apostle of the Devil."

        if Rome wrests enough power back before the rapture occurs, HER popes can once again torture and execute people like you and me and others and they will think it's fantastic thinking they are doing a service to GOD.

    4. Very sickening development but no surprise at all and not isolated either but a harbinger of what is happening and will be happening more and more...It is a merging of apostate denominations which gave up and departed from the truth of God and its doctrines contained there. This is precisely why Scripture renouncing Episcopalians are being swollen up by de facto Scripture renouncing Roman Catholics. I do not believe in the popularly known and held dispensational rapture but only in the gathering of sheep on the Day of Wrath which will be fully spend on the goats herd by in so many stables with Rome's being one of the biggest.

    5. Thank you, Erin. That was very kind of you! =)


      1. love your name "preciousadornment" and your comment reflects your name well-the beauty of Christ shines through..

    6. I'm surprised that Christians are surprised with Rick Warren hooking up with people like Winfrey? Rick's mentor has been Robert Schuller which for some reason he's kept secretive. In Rick Warren's book- "the purpose driven life" at first Rick says to watch out for the New Age but later on -on page 88 Rick says this about God ~"The bible says He rules everything and is everywhere and is (IN) everything" That's pantheism..So for him to hook up with people like Oprah was not hard it just took some time for people to be dummied down to their mush.


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