17 October 2012

Rick Warren Says Annual Campaign Is the "Single-Most Important Ingredient" in Saddleback's Growth

Screenshot: PurposeDriven.com
In a new video at PurposeDriven.com, Rick Warren of Saddleback Church invites pastors and churches to embark with him on a new 40-day campaign. Behind this latest endeavor is the re-release of Warren’s bestselling book, The Purpose Driven Life (PDL).

“If you want to help your church,” says Warren, “become stronger, healthier, more stable and experience exponential growth,” then joining this campaign is the way to achieve such goals. The implication seems to be that, in participating in such a campaign, a church may experience similar growth as Saddleback Church. Most pastors would claim to give God the glory for such explosive church growth as Warren has seen, even if such declarations were merely lip service. In this video, however, Rick Warren unequivocally states that the “single-most important ingredient in the growth of Saddleback Church” has been “the power of the annual campaign.” Continue reading →

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