24 October 2012

Joel Osteen and Oprah Winfrey Set to Blaspheme God...Again

Only a few weeks ago, Joel Osteen joined Oprah Winfrey in Houston for a taping of her show, Lifeclass. This Sunday, an episode from that taping will air. Notice anything particularly troubling?
I Am. This is the name of the Almighty God of the universe. It is not some magical, mystical mantra that we speak when things aren't going particularly well in our lives. A look at the comments on Oprah's Facebook page reveals that her viewers know exactly what Joel Osteen means by this phrase, however. To them, to Oprah, and to Joel Osteen, "I am" is a way to speak things into existence. It is the idea that your words have power and it is a grievous heresy. What Joel Osteen and Oprah Winfrey are engaging in is blatant, unapologetic blasphemy. Since both profess to be Christians (though neither one teaches anything remotely biblically orthodox), then both Osteen and Oprah need to repent of their blasphemous beliefs.

Of course, we won't hold our breath waiting for that to happen. Rather, perhaps the best weapon here is prayer—prayer that God would open the eyes of some who have thus far been tragically deceived by this New Age nonsense.

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  1. I podcast a lot of good alternative Christian media and one of the programs I listen to, the host Brannon Howse just did a piece on Rick Warren's teaching to a bunch of kool-aid drinking pastors. He recommended that they pick up a book that was written a number of years ago by a former Communist turned Roman Catholic "Christian" according to Warren, that addresses the most important thing he believes that led to the growth of Saddleback and that is not the Gospel, but the "Campaign". You see this is the way the communists employ tactics to divide and conquer people to their way of thinking. I bring this up because the church today is being attacked on several fronts by the most diabolical programs and Mr. (not pastor please) Osteen and Ms. Winfrey are contributing as is Warren to the "great deception" that is being foisted upon an unsuspecting and ignorant populace. Jesus said that the last days would witness such a terrible deception that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. Many are self-deceived, but in my experience those of us who sound the alarm to anyone who will listen are seen as troublemakers and divisive. But going back to an earlier post about female martyrs, we must be ready to face the hostility and rejection as it will come. Ultimately this is all leading to a One World Religion that was promised in the Bible.

  2. "To them,... "I am" is a way to speak things into existence. It is the idea that your words have power and it is a grievous heresy."

    I think the Bible clearly teaches that words do have power and consequences. We are warned MANY times about watching our tongues. We probably don't have a clue how we impact people with the casually tossed about curses that come from our mouths. So in this heresy they may well literally invoke *something* or *someone* but it won't be the Creator of the universe.



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